Page 6 - 2021 August-September Newsletter
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Page 6                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                     News from around the so pa district

                                                Welcome to the SO PA District,
                       Jonathan Bream was recently installed as pastor of Shippensburg Church of the Brethren.

                         Meat Canning Update
                                                                                 Disaster Relief Projects

                 In spite of the Meat Canning Project being cancelled for         Once again hammers are ringing
          2021, the Southern PA District and Mid-Atlantic District Meat   and saws are whirring on disaster relief
          Canning Committee was able to donate $20,000 to Brethren        projects around the country.  If your
          Disaster Ministries for purchasing meat product in Honduras.
          Two devastating hurricanes hammered the small Central           congregation is getting into the action,
          American country during 2020.  Through our partners in          support is available through the District
          Honduras, relief will be arriving in a sustainable way that will   Witness Commission.
          benefit the local economy.
                                                                              •   Up to $200 per person (up to ten
                 The committee was also able to purchase 500 cases of            people) for Church of the
          canned chicken from Christian Aid Ministries that was                  Brethren sponsored projects.
          divided equally between our two districts.  This was
                                   distributed at the Jim Boyer farm          •   Up to $100 per person (up to ten
                                   in East Berlin on 4 June.                     people) for non-Brethren
                                          A big thank you to all the             projects.
                                   congregations and individuals          The funds have come to us by a generous
                                   who contributed funds toward the
                                   project.  We believe the gifts were    donation from the Disaster Relief
                                   well stewarded!  Thanks as well        Auction.  If you
                                   to the churches and organizations      would like to know
                                   that have received the canned          more, call or email
                                   goods, as they distribute it to        Witness Commission
                                   those in need.                         chair Chris Elliott at

                                          Looking ahead to 2022, we       717-262-3154 or
                                   hope and pray to have funds
                                   continuing to come into the
                                   District Office for a new
                                   start.  Pray for volunteers, as well!
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