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Page 7                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                               Africa Great Lakes Update

                                    As COVID restrictions begin to ease across Africa (even as the virus still
                             rages in many places) congregations are meeting together again in the Africa Great
                             Lakes region.  In Rwanda, a new fellowship has begun in the city of Musanze.  Under
                             the leadership of Pastor Samson, a rented facility has been secured.  Along with
                             worship, prayer and Bible study, they have begun an outreach program to homeless in
                             the community.  When Pastor Samson realized that a number of young people were
             “living under the bridge,” so to speak, he began offering fellowship and assistance to them.
                    The project title is “Capacity Building for Street Children in Musanze Town, With the Aim of
             Reducing Their Number and Reintegrating Them into Families” (CBSCMT).  The name might seem a
             bit cumbersome to us, but the program is a well-thought-out plan to reach them with material help,
             schooling, counseling, assisting with housing transitions,
             and Gospel witness.
                    Among the issues facing these young people are:
                        •   poor hygiene
                        •   lack of food/poor nutrition
                        •   alcohol and drug abuse
                        •   pregnancy and childbirth
                        •   sexually transmitted disease

                    The church’s proposed plan has a five-year budget     The recently formed Musanze Church of the Brethren.
             of approximately $80,000.  They have stepped out in faith
             using the resources already in hand, trusting that God will supply the need.  You can help by your
             donations to Southern PA District.  Please write AFRICA GREAT LAKES on the memo line.

                    Also in Rwanda, the Gisenyi congregation has begun a building project for a new worship
             space.  Having outgrown their present facilities and needing classrooms and an office, the new
             building will be funded by Global Mission of the Church of the Brethren, Brethren World Mission,
             and donations to Southern PA District.

                    Across the border in Congo, the Goma congregation is hoping soon to purchase land for the
             construction of a meetinghouse.  Donations from Southern PA and Southeast District will be helping
             their project to move forward.

                    For more information on any or all of these projects call or email Chris Elliott at 717-262-
             3154 or  Thank you and God bless you!

                                                 Disaster Relief Projects

                    Once again hammers are ringing and saws are whirring on disaster relief projects around the
             country.  If your congregation is getting into the action, support is available through the District
             Witness Commission.
                     Up to $200 per person (up to ten people) for Church of the Brethren
                        sponsored projects.
                     Up to $100 per person (up to ten people) for non-Brethren projects.
             The funds have come to us by a generous donation from the Disaster Relief
             Auction.  If you would like to know more, call or email Witness Commission
             chair Chris Elliott at 717-262-3154 or
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