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Page 7                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                          August 1st (Sunday) Gospel Concert with Lewis Leeper and Friends, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the West
                          Shore Church of the Brethren, 6921 Wertzville Road, Enola PA 17025. For more information phone
                          717-795-8573 (church office) or 240-285-0038 (pastor's cell phone).

                          Eric Meyers of WSCOB was one of the many volunteers at Camp Eder
                          7-10-21 to help repair recent storm damage. He reports: I got several photos. There were multiple
          projects going on when I arrived at Camp Eder. There were people cutting wood using chainsaws, chipping of the
          branches and the younger guys on the roof of a pavilion. The pavilion sustained
          damage to one end taking out 2 roof trusses. The roof was being repaired and a
          metal roof was being installed over top of the shingle roof. I decided to jump in
          and work with the guys running the chipper and feed the cut tree branches. We
          chipped a ton of branches from 8:30 to lunch time about 12:30.  Camp Eder is

          Gospel Concert,Sunday August 29,
          2021 at 11 AM, West Shore Church of
          the Brethren, followed by a BBQ
          sandwich and soup luncheon.

          West Shore Church of the Brethren
          6921 Wertzville Road
          Enola, PA  17025
          phone: (717) 795-8573
          Sunday School 10:00 Worship 11:00           Work at Heckman Pavilion                  Trail damage

                                                                      On July 18 , the Rouzerville congregation
                                                                      welcomed 8 new members. The new
                                                                      members are Linda Barkdoll, Susan
                                                                      Graybill, Fred Hammond, Florence
                                                                      Hammond, Lloyd Heimer, Laura Smith,
                                                                      Silvia Swope, and Paul Swope. Donna
                                                                      Glunn will be welcomed into membership
                                                                      at a later date. A carry-in dinner followed
                                                                      the worship service.
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