Page 10 - 2022 June/July Newsletter
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Page 10                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                           Africa Great Lakes

                                                Nursery School


            Abiding in the secret place of the Most High has spoken into my life through teach-
            ing English at the nursery school. There have been days that I felt like having a
            meltdown as my students do! The overwhelming stress from teaching and the frus-
            trations of cross-cultural communication are a challenge. I am thankful to say that
            things have improved. The growing pains of learning to be a teacher are, well,
            painful. The confidence and assertiveness that I have gained have been invaluable.
            Through the challenges and struggles, I love my students and I love being able to
            hear their little voices respond,

            “Good morning, teacher!”
            It warms my heart and
            gives me the energy to
            keep going.

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