Page 13 - 2022 June/July Newsletter
P. 13

Page 13                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                    Worship Service Volunteers Needed

                                               Outreach Program

                                          Memorial Day- Labor Day

             In urgent need of people who would be willing to use their special talents as a volunteer to help

                                     us in either of two aspects of our worship services:
                                      • Music or Leading Sunday School for the children

                            • Musical talent that would provide traditional and/or contemporary

                                                         praise music

                We are not asking people to volunteer for the entire season, just if someone, youth group,
                        praise and worship teams that have an interest in either of these activities.

               This would be a wonderful opportunity for any youth group and youth leaders to help make a
                                   difference in peoples’ lives in well-established program.

                     If interested, Please contact Mike King, (Co-Chairman, Chaplains in the Park Committee),

                                         By emailing him at (
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