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Page 13                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

                                       Africa Great Lakes Update

            In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Goma congregation has met for the past several years in a
            small borrowed lean-to.  With assistance from Southern PA and Southeastern Districts, they have purchased a small parcel of
            land.  Just this month they erected a simple pole-barn like structure that gives them more space and weather protection.  As
            crude as it looks by American standards, they are very excited and extremely grateful for the help we were able to
            provide.  Their expression for thank you and God bless you is “Asante, Mungu awabariki!”

            The congregation in Gisenyi, Rwanda is also in the midst of a building project.  Because Gisenyi is the home office, so to
            speak, for the COB Rwanda, it’s a lot more ambitious than that in Congo.  It is a large brick building that will include an
            office and classroom wing.  During a recent fundraising worship service, over $6,000 was raised!  Much more will be needed
            to finish the project, but this will hopefully be enough to get it under roof.

                                                               Several months ago, the US Brethren became aware of a
                                                               group in Burundi identifying as the “Church of the Brethren
                                                               Burundi.”   In 2015, Pastor Expert Bukene was introduced to
                                                               the Church of the Brethren by the book “A Dunker Guide to
                                                               Brethren History.”  Out of this has grown a movement now
                                                               numbering 26 congregations.  During an October visit to
                                                               Rwanda, Chris Elliott was able to meet with Pastor Bukene
                                                               and begin conversation with him and his fledgling
                                                               denomination.  Please pray for these brothers and sisters as
                                                               they grow in Christ.

                                                               From left:  Etienne Nsanzimana - Rwanda, Expert Bukene -
                                                               Burundi, Ron Lubungo - DR Congo, Chris Elliott - US.

            Donations in support of the Africa Great Lakes Church of
            the Brethren may be sent to SOPA District Office 3375
            Carlisle Rd. Suite A, Gardners, PA 17324,  Chris Elliott
            will be happy to answer your questions and to share with
            your congregation regarding this work.  He can be reached
            at 717 262 3154 or
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