Page 9 - 2023 March-April Newsletter
P. 9

Our annual meat canning, a joint project with the Southern Pennsylvania Dis-
          will take place April 10  -  April 13.

          Thank you for your generous support of this project that feeds hungry people in

          District’s area and overseas! The project still needs your support.

          We anticipate that chicken meat and facility costs for canning will be higher this

          A number of our congregations have sent support for this project, or plan to, in
          March or April.

          Further funds will help to purchase more chicken which will enable more distri-
          In our District.

          Your volunteer participation is the other part that makes this project possible.

          You have provided a lot of support this year and our volunteer schedule is almost

          We still need a few volunteers to fill out the first shift, beginning at 7:15 am
          Monday, April 10.
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