Page 9 - 2022 December Newsletter
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Page 9                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                               Disaster Relief Projects

                  Once again hammers are ringing and saws are whirring on disaster relief
           projects around the country.  If your congregation is getting into the action,
           support is available through the District Witness Commission.

               •  Up to $200 per person (up to ten people) for Church of the Brethren
                  sponsored projects.

               •  Up to $100 per person (up to ten people) for non-Brethren projects.

           The funds have come to us by a generous donation from the Disaster Relief
           Auction.  If you would like to know more, call or email Witness Commission


                      Continue to pray for the developing Church of the Brethren in the Great Lakes
                      region of Africa.  As we seek God's will in discerning the best means of
                       support – finances, teaching missions, work camps – it is prayer that
            is needed most.  There are hindrances to followers of Christ in every culture and context,
              so the African churches are not unique in that regard.  But being aware of the special
                             challenges they face can help us pray more specifically.
                    The poverty of many families is very debilitating.  Those among us who have been
               unemployed might feel great empathy for them.  Parents unable to feed, clothe and
            educate their children are especially vulnerable to discouragement.  A very large majority
             of women have been sexually traumatized.  Many more have witnessed or experienced
                                                    extreme violence.
                   Pray for the leadership as they develop trauma healing seminars, sewing programs,
             small business micro-loans, and so forth.  Support can be channeled through the Global
                 Food Crisis Fund and Global Mission and Service of the Church of the Brethren.
                    If your congregation or organization would be interested in a presentation of the
                          trip to the Great Lakes Africa churches, call or email Chris Elliott

                                     (717-262-3154 or
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