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Page 9                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                          Africa Great Lakes Church of the Brethren
                                        Gisenyi and Goma Church Building Proposal
                                                        January 2021

                  The Gisenyi congregation of the Church of the Brethren Rwanda purchased land several years ago and were able to
          build a small meeting house.  They have since added a water tank which collects rain from the roof and an outdoor toilet/privy.
          Rwanda’s government is a little more active and restrictive than most African countries; they have deemed the building too small
          for the size of congregation to meet in under COVID-19 requirements.
                  Also at issue is the fact that Gisenyi is the “mother church”, so to speak, of the other three Rwanda congregations.  This
          creates a need for office space so there can be a sort of denominational center.  Long-term goals would be to provide schooling
          and a medical dispensary.
                  The budget for the project is approximately $40,000.  So far, the Rwanda Brethren have raised about $2,500 (quite a
          feat, considering the poverty level of Rwanda) and have that in savings until there is enough to begin construction.

                  Across the border from Gisenyi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, lies the city of Goma.  A small Church of the
          Brethren congregation, about 70 people, meets in a tin shack.  Since this is a borrowed facility, they would like to purchase land
          and eventually construct a simple meeting house.  Because Goma is a large city, land is relatively expensive.  Project budget is
          approximately $35,000.  Land prices are higher in the city, but building costs are lower.

          How can you help?

                  •   Along with your prayers, we are asking at this time for funds to assist with construction for both Gisenyi
                     and Goma.
                  •   Donations may be sent to: Southern PA District Office, 3375 Carlisle Rd.  Gardners, PA 17324.  Please
                     write Africa Great Lakes on the memo line.

          If you have any questions, feel free to contact Chris Elliott at 717 262 3154 or

                                                                   Left: Pastor Aluta of the Goma congregation
                          Goma Church of the Brethren               Right: Pastor Ron, head of the Congo COB

         West Shore Church of the Brethren's Christmas Eve service featured a 5-minute original skit, Road to
         the Inn, by Morgan Hahn, Jr. View it at

         In December we donated 35 bags of cookies, Jesus DVD's and Gideon Bible App cards to the Truckers
         Ministry, a big box of food to Bethesda Mission and clothing, toys and other gifts to New Hope Ministries.
         In January, our Women's Fellowship monthly missions support went to Jen Cook and Joy Dodd,
         missionaries in Honduras, who in addition to the Church of the Brethren Disaster Relief
         and Billy Graham's Samaritan's purse, have been ministering physically and spiritually

         Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, Outdoor Son-rise Service, 7:00 AM, overlooking the field
         at the church parking lot.
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