Page 14 - 2023 March-April Newsletter
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If you prefer to rent a vacation home in the Lake Junaluska area, please call    800-863-
          8415 or click on this link:

          We are partnering with the Fellowship of Brethren Homes, so that all Homes will have
          free access to the online conference. Online access will include morning Bible Study, Key-
          note Speakers, worship services, and one virtual field trip each day. If you plan to participate
          at one of the Brethren Homes, you do not need to register. Please contact your Chaplain or
          activity director to request a communal viewing space during NOAC.

          For those going to Lake Junaluska, contact your District Office to see if it is possible to or-
          ganize a bus from your district for transportation to NOAC.

          If you have questions, please contact or call 847-429-4303 and speak
          to Randi Rowan, program assistant for Discipleship Ministries.

          You may find more information on the NOAC website at: and on our
          Facebook page at “Church of the Brethren NOAC.”


          2023 NOAC Planning Team

          Christy Waltersdorff, Coordinator
          Glenn Bollinger             Karen Dillon
          Bonnie Kline Smeltzer  Leonard Matheny
          Jim Martinez                Don Mitchell
          Karlene Tyler
          Josh Brockway and Stan Dueck, Discipleship Ministries Staff
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