Page 15 - 2022 June/July Newsletter
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Page 15                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

                             FREE SPRING CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN

                                          UKRAINIAN RELIEF EFFORT

                      At a church board meeting at the beginning of April, a suggestion was
             made that Free Spring COB contribute money to help those in the Ukraine. After
            some discussion, a vote was taken and unanimously approved to donate $15,000
                                 to Ukraine through Brethren Disaster Ministries.

                       Since that time, congregation members have been making individual
                     contributions through the weekly offering, designated to go to the cause.

                            As of 5/15, those offerings have totaled an additional $6,120.

                                Future offerings will continue to be forwarded to BDM.

                    We’re thankful that the District and our General Board are also supporting
                  this effort and we pray that the funds will be directed to be of the most
                                                      effective use.
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