Page 11 - 2023 March-April Newsletter
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Page 11                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

                                         A Great Big Thanks!!

                                      Sharing Christ with Truckers and Travelers

                                                          Since 1985

                                                   March 2023

               We have much to be thankful for over the last year. Approximately 200 at-
               tended our 2022 fall banquet for an evening of food, fellowship and a con-
               cert by Brothers in Grace. This was our first banquet since fall of 2019 (due

               to COVID), and despite not having a silent auction, we raised over
               $13,000.00 for the Ministry.

               Our cookie collection and distribution event in November and December of
               2022 was a great success. ABF Freight in Carlisle generously donated a
               trailer for our use during that time. We were able to provide approximately

               13,000 bags of cookies to truckers, travelers, truck stop employees and
               others. Thanks for all your support in that annual endeavor.

                                                                   P.O. Box 851
                                                                  Carlisle PA 17013-0851

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