Page 11 - 2022 December Newsletter
P. 11

ECORATIN                   Page 11                                            Southern Pennsylvania District

                                         Black Rock Church

                                             of the Brethren

                             SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM

                                SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2022

                                                       1:30 PM

            You are invited to the Black Rock Church of the Brethren to

            enjoy the sounds of Christmas. There will be a concert

            presented with Pastor Brandon of the Black Rock Church
            involved. Brandon’s step mother, Benita Grady will be

            featured on piano, and Brandon’s brother Ben, along with

            Brandon himself will be singing some songs with Benita.
            This one hour time we pray will be a time of worship and

            celebration of the coming Christ child and just a way to

            enjoy sharing in song together as there will be some
            congregational singing of familiar Christmas carols. There

            will be donations accepted and they will go to the Black

            Rock out reach Ministries which support our District and
            several other ministries which are connected as such. We

            know Christmas is a busy time of year, but we hope you will

            mark your  calendars and can plan to be with us to worship
            our Lord and welcome Christ into our midst!
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