Page 11 - 2021 August-September Newsletter
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Page 11                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

                                                        Africa Great Lakes Update

                                    The Great Lakes region of Africa – which includes Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and the
                             eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo – have experienced multiple challenges along
                             with the many difficulties of everyday life.  Recently, there has been a wave of COVID cases
                             brought on by the Delta variant.  There was a volcanic eruption in May in Congo near the city of
                             Goma (along the Rwanda border).  The volcano caused an earthquake and subsequent tremors,
          bringing further damage to the region.
                  As each of these events has caused material loss and human suffering, Brethren Disaster Ministries  has
          responded with assistance of food and other immediate needs.  The local Brethren congregations are taking
          responsibility for distribution.
                  Is spite of the challenges, the
          church is moving forward.  With
          support from our district and
          Southeastern district, the Goma
          congregation has purchased property
          to build a church structure on.  To us
          the land looks rough and rocky,
          requiring a lot preparation – they don’t
          have access to bulldozers and
          excavators – but they are really
          excited to have this land.  It will give
          them a place to build, getting out of
          the tin shack they presently borrow for
          worship and prayer.
                  The Rwanda Church of the Brethren recently opened a new fellowship in the city of Musanze, bringing the
          number of Rwandan congregations to five.
                  In Uganda, one of the Kampala congregations completed a new meetinghouse with financial assistance from
          Brethren World Mission, the Brethren Global Mission office and Southern PA District.

                  For more information about the Africa Great Lakes Church of the Brethren, call or text Chris Elliott at 717
          262 3154 or email  Donations may be sent to the Southern PA District Office.  Please write
          AFRICA GREAT LAKES on the memo line.
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