Page 5 - 2021 April-May Newsletter
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Page 5                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District


                                Women’s Camp

                               June 7 & 8, 2021

                          Camp Eder, Fairfield, PA

                    See pages 8 & 9 for more details.
                                                                                      Rescheduled to 2022

                                                The Meat Canning Committee is saddened to inform the
                                                district that the 2021 meat canning event has been
                                                canceled. There were not enough volunteers signed up to
                                                cover all the needed shifts.

                                                The committee is aware of the immense local and global
                                                need therefore, the committee has decided to use the funds
                                                that have been donated to purchase canned meat for
                                                distribution. Your church will be notified when we have
                                                details for the distribution date and asking if your
                                                congregation would like to receive meat for distribution. By
                                                purchasing this canned meat (which is more costly than
                                                canning it ourselves) we will be depleting the meat canning
                                                donations fund. Donations will be needed for the 2022
                                                event as we will try once again to resume meat canning.
                                                Donations are appreciated at any time during the year and
                                                are held in a restricted funds account specifically for meat
                                                canning events.

                           Thank you to the congregations and individual that made
                     sacrificial donations and for each volunteer’s willingness to serve!
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