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Southern Pennsylvania District

                                                Church of the Brethren

                                        A Message from our District Executive

                                       JESUS’   TEACHINGS Verses  OUR
                                     In  my  days  in  school,  teachers  were
                                     present in the classroom to guide and
                                     direct  the  student  in  grasping  and
                                     learning  how  to  handle  problems/
                                     situations in life, i.e. in math, we have
                                     formulas  to  help  work  out  certain  problems,  but  what  about  the
             INSIDE THIS
             ISSUE:                  problems of life?   Does the Bible give us the answers?   Yes, I cer-
                                     tainly believe it does; however situations occur where we each in-
                                     terpret  things  accordingly  to  our  upbringing  and  understandings.
                                     Sometimes, that gets complicated and gets us into conflict.  Well,
                                     during  this  season  of  THANKSGIVING,  let  us  first  of  all  give
                                     thanks to God for His WORD and all the blessings that can bring
                                     us in life.

                                     In an effort to work at this article’s title…Teaching verses Under-
                CONTENTS             standing, we sometimes attempt to utilize our understanding of a
            District Executive       situation over and above God’s viewpoint.  Take for example the
            Message…………..Pgs. 1-2    text from Luke 13:10-13, where we find Jesus teaching in the syna-
            District information ….Pg. 3   gogue. There was a woman present who had been crippled so sev-
            _______________________   erally  from  possibly  arthritis,  that  she  could    not  stand  straight.
            Meat Canning update…Pg. 4   When Jesus saw her he called her to him and said, “Woman, you
            ———————————-             are set free from your infirmity.”  As He touched her, she was free
            Upcoming Events...Pgs. 5-6
            _______________________   of her crippling situation.  The scripture goes on to tell us that the
            Learning Opportunities—  religious leaders condemned Jesus for breaking the religious law
            CEU’s…...….…….Pgs. 6-10   about working on the Sabbath.  Let us chew on this situation a bit
            Annual Conf. Request.Pg. 11   and what that means to us today.
            Church News…....Pgs. 12-13   In what ways do we interpret the Bible’s guardrails differently than
            ———————————-             they are intended?  It is important to note that Jesus was not violat-
            Camp Eder Sponsorship
            Form...…………….…Pg. 15     ing the law of God when he healed on the Sabbath.  Certainly, he
                                     was  acting  against  the  Pharisaical  interpretation  of  the  law  and
                                     against their man-added rules.  But, Jesus who came to fulfill the
                Nov./Dec. 2023
              Volume 40, Issue 6
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