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Southern Pennsylvania District

                                             Church of the Brethren

                                                     A Message from our District Executive

                                       I was thinking today about whether to buy a daily reminder for 2021. As I look
                                       through my 2020 calendar, I was amazed at all the things I had crossed off that
            “I am leaving you          were scheduled.  I am sure you have a calendar just like that as well.
               with a gift-
            peace of mind and          It was painful last weekend to realize that normally we would have been at Buffalo
          heart. And the peace I       Valley celebrating our district unity and mission together - all the ministries that we
             give is a gift the        serve, but we could not this year.  I know that I am not the only one disappointed
                                       about that. There is something about getting together whether it is in business or
            world cannot give.         sharing a meal or during break times as we wait in line for restrooms that is just a
               So don’t be             special time for us as the Church of the Brethren. It's so important to us that we
           troubled or afraid.”        even made a part of our tagline that we are “Continuing the work of Jesus.
                                       Peacefully.  Simply.  Together.” We seek to decide together where God is leading us
                 John 14:27            as we pray and seek His will, we worship together, we eat together, and we serve
                                       together. This year was so different for all of us. I for one cannot wait for 2021 to
                                       see if it can be different, to see if we can get back to worshipping, to sharing
                                       together, to bearing one another's burdens, and sharing that special love of Christ
                                       between brothers and sisters.
          VOLUME 38, ISSUE 5
          OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2020        I must be honest I do not like the reality that we are in. I do not like working from
                                       home. I thought I would. I mean do not get me wrong, there are some advantages I
                                       do not have to dress up. I can do most of my work in shorts or sweatpants and a T-
              I N S I D E   T H I S
                 I S S U E :           shirt, but I miss being with people. I miss freedom. I have learned to both
                                       participate in and schedule a Zoom meeting! And I have watched many of our
           New & Events     2-25       District’s churches in worship through the internet.
           Throughout the
           District                    Although I have been watching many more and diverse worship services due to so
                                       many of our congregations live streaming their services, there is something about
           District           3        being together in worship that is special.
                                       But, because I am ancient and have pre-existing conditions, I must be careful. I do
           Training        26-32
           Opportunities               have a wedding this month and one next year that I really want to attend! I have
                                       been to a few worship services where I had to do some DE things but I really am not
           Giving Report &   6-7       comfortable with congregations who do not wear masks, do not socially distance,
           Budget Planning             and choose to have congregational singing. Maybe you do too. So, what do we do?
                                       Where do we go from here? I wish I had all the answers. But before you judge me, I
           Meeting & Event   34        am not living in fear, I just want to be careful and if my wearing a mask in public
           Schedule                    helps to keep you safe, then all the better.

                                       Adding to the stress that I feel there's a lack of a physical office the separation from
                                       what  has been my normal for six years plus I miss being able to reach over to a file

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