Page 3 - 2021 April-May Newsletter
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Page 3                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                        2021 SO PA District Conference

                                                     September 18

                                                    York First COB
                                                    2710 Kingston Road
                                                         York, PA


                                                         CALLS US TO

                                                         FOLLOW HIM
                                                                Matthew 9:9

                 Note:  Program and Arrangements Committee is planning for a one day, in-person
                 District Conference on Saturday, September 18th at York First Church of the Brethren.
                 Further details will be shared as they are available.

                                                                               Africa Great Lakes Update

                                                                                  In the Ugandan capital city of
                                                                           Kampala, one of the Church of the
                                                                           Brethren congregations has begun a
                                                                           simple worship structure.  As the photo
                                                                           shows, it is constructed of poles and will
                                                                           be covered with metal roofing/siding.  A
                                                                           cement floor will eventually be added.
                                                                           Donations to Southern PA District will
                                                                           allow us to send $500 to assist with the
                                                                           project.  Total is $910 for metal and $700
                                                                           for cement. Church of the Brethren
                                                                           Global Mission and Brethren World
                                                                           Mission will also be helping with
                                                                           funding.   Thank you to all congregations
             and individuals for your generosity!  For more information or to schedule a presentation of the Africa
             Great Lakes churches, contact Chris Elliott at 717 262 3154 or
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