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Page 3                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                                        The SO PA District and the Meat Canning Committee
                                                        would like to thank Rich Shaffer for his many years
                                                        of serving as chairperson of the Meat Canning
                                                        Committee and chief coordinator of the Meat Canning
             events. Rich resigned this position to devote more time to his dear wife, Joy. Rich’s service has
             provided countless meals for hungry people all over the world. Words can not express our true
             appreciation for his sacrifice and passion. May God bless Rich for following his calling and for
             his many hours of work!

             Chris Elliott has agreed to serve as interim Meat Canning Committee chairperson.  If you would
             like to volunteer for this position or know someone who would be interested please contact the
             district office.

                                                                Thank you!

                                        2021 SO PA District Conference

                                                 September 17 & 18

                                                    York First COB
                                                    2710 Kingston Road
                                                         York, PA


                                                         CALLS US TO

                                                         FOLLOW HIM
                                                               Matthew 9:9

                       Our world has become so involved in fear of COVID 19 and the government
                       restrictions on our lives and threats against the church assembling to worship.
                                    We need to follow Jesus as He cares for His Church.

                                                               Ray Lehman
                                                               District Moderator
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