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PAGE 3                                                                   SOUTHERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT

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                                     2020 SO PA District Conference  -  September 19
                                           Buffalo Valley COB, Mifflinburg, PA

                                                Seek peace

                                                      and pursue it.

                    Needless to say, it’s been a strange year. We went from planning our regular District
                 Conference at Buffalo Valley to cutting it back to just one short day. Then we moved from
                 having it in one location to trying four sites at the same time. Finally we had to cancel District
                 Conference altogether. It was a bittersweet, but necessary, decision.

                    The business that had to be handled right away was done by regular mail and email. I want
                 to thank all our delegates for taking the time to serve our District, even though we couldn’t do
                 it together. I also want to thank Carolyn Jones, our District Office Manager; Terry Smith, our
                 District Board Chair and Bill Waugh, our District Executive for all their hard work and
                 support throughout this difficult time.
                    As we move forward, please keep Ray Lehman in your prayers as he becomes Moderator for
                 the Southern Pa. District. It’s time for me to “pass the gavel” to him, along with my prayers.
                 May God bless him in a powerful way. The coronavirus looks like it will be with us for some
                 time to come, so we don’t know what the coming year will look like for our District. But the
                 Lord will be with us on the journey.

                    We didn’t get a chance to talk about it at Conference, but I hope many of you took the time
                 to think about our theme. As believers in Jesus Christ, as Brethren, as members of this
                 wonderful District, let’s “seek peace and pursue it” as often as we can!

                                                                    John F. Hess
                                                                    District Moderator
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