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Page 3                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                          Greetings from the

                            Leon Yoder, District Board Chair

                  I give you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  As I write
           this, our beloved Southern PA District Church of the Brethren is in a time of transition
           and challenge. Let us together be in earnest prayer concerning the needs of our district.

                  First of all let us continue to hold our District Executive, Bill Waugh in our prayers
           for his health and recovery from the surgical removal of a middle toe due to a serious in-
           fection. He will remain on antibiotic infusions at home for several more weeks.  Since
           Bill’s doctor has not yet released him to drive, he will be working from home and will
           not be keeping office hours until future notice. Again, please keep our brother in your
           prayers as he faces the challenges of working remotely with limited access to things that
           are located in the office.

                  Another prayer concern is our search for a new office manager for the district of-
           fice.  It is with sadness that we say good bye to Amy Weaver who has served us so well
           for the past year. Her last day in the office is November 18. We will surely miss her
           cheerful greeting when answering the phone, her prompt and efficient response to our

           many requests for information and assistance, and her thorough attention to her many
           duties in the district office. We are blessed by her superb organizational skills and she is
           leaving behind a very well organized office for the next office manager. Amy holds a

           degree in restaurant management and has accepted a full-time position in that field.
           I want to give her my personal thanks and a thank-you on behalf of the SOPA District for
           a job well done.  Amy, we will miss you and we pray the Lord’s blessings on you in the
           days and years to come.

                  So, you may be asking, “Who is the next SOPA district office manager and when
           will they start?”  The Lord knows that answer and we do not!  Meanwhile, please be in
           prayer for the executive committee as we seek for the one whom the Lord is preparing
           for  this  position.  During  this  time  of  transition  there  will  be  no  regular  office  hours.

           Phone calls to the district office will be forwarded to Bill’s cell phone and district mail
           will be held at the post office to be pick up regularly. The executive committee will be
           working  with  Bill  in  our  best  attempt  to  keep  the  ministries  of  the  district  running
           smoothly. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

                          May the Grace, Peace, and Love of Jesus Christ be with you all!
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