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Page 4                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                     News from around the so pa district

                           Greencastle Church of the              "I  will  appoint  over  you  a
                           Brethren Welcomes New                  shepherd  after  my  heart  who
                           Pastor                                 will  shepherd  you  wisely  and
                                                                  prudently." - Jeremiah 3:15

                           On  February  7,  2021,  Rev.  Fred    And that's just what happened
                           Keener was installed as the pastor     at  Bermudian  Church  of
                           of  the  Greencastle  Church  of  the   the  Brethren  when  Larry
                           Brethren on S. Carlisle St.            Dentler  began  his  pastoral
                                                                  leadership at our church.  Little did we know at that
          Pastor  Fred  was  born  and  raised  in  the  Hagerstown,   time  that  he  would  shepherd  our  flock  for  three
          Md.  area.  During  the  last  half  of  the  1970s,  he  had   decades.
          been a radio announcer for WKSL in Greencastle. He
          began  full  time  pastoral  ministry  in  1982  near  New   In  that  30  years  as  our  pastor,  he  served  tirelessly,
          Creek, W.V., and then served 34 years at the Bristolville   faithfully,  and  with  great  compassion.    He  was  a
          Church of the Brethren in northeast Ohio.               servant  leader  who  enabled  us  to lead.    No  task  was
                                                                  ever  too  small  for  him,  and  no  dream  too  large  to
          Pastor Fred and his wife Anna have been married 40      explore.    He  served  with  vision  and  led  by
          years, and are the parents of 5 daughters and 4 sons.   example.  He has sewn seeds of hope, love and faith in
          They also have 2 granddaughters. The Keener’s, along    our  lives,  challenging  us  to  make  a  difference  in  the
          with  the  congregation  of  the  Greencastle  Church  of   world.    A  man  of  God,  he  has  helped  us  to  grow
          the Brethren, welcome you to worship with them each     spiritually  through  his  teaching,  preaching  and
          Sunday morning at 10:35.                                discipleship training.

                                                                  It  is  difficult  to  envision  Bermudian  without  Pastor
                                                                  Larry.  But now his life opens to the next chapter.  We
                                                                  know he will embrace the plans God has for him and
                                                                  our prayers go with him on the journey.

                                                                  Thank you and God Bless your Pastor Larry.
                                                                  Your loving Bermudian Church family and friends.
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