Page 4 - 2022 December Newsletter
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Page 4                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                                                   SOPA District Office
                                                                        will be open
                                                                  Mondays & Thursdays
                                                                         and closed
                                                                Tuesdays & Wednesdays
                                                   All phone calls and emails can be directed to
                                                             District Executive, Bill Waugh
                                                                   until further notice.

                                                                         These congregations are
                                                                           currently looking for
                                                                         pastoral or additional staff

            SO PA District COB
                                                                              Search Process:
             3375 Carlisle Rd,                                             Tuscarora Fellowship
                   Suite A                                                   York Second COB

           Gardners, PA 17324                                              Mechanicsburg COB
              (717) 778-2264                                                Chambersburg COB
                                                                            Shippensburg COB

            Rev. Dr. William A.                                        Gettysburg COB (upcoming)
                    Waugh                                             Wolgamuth COB (upcoming)
             District Executive

           Cell: (724) 875-0958
                         Information in this newsletter is accurate as of
                                                               the date of publication.

               SOPADistrict@                               Please check with the district
                                                               office if events are to be
                                                                 continued as listed.
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