Page 4 - Newsletter 2020-1011
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PAGE 4                                                                   SOUTHERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT

                     News from around the so pa district

           West Shore Church of the Brethren (WSCOB), is
           hosting a  Fall Love Feast Sunday, October 4
           following worship in the fellowship hall where we
           can socially distance.  We will have the meditation
           but omit the washing of each other's feet.  We will
           substitute a story sharing time to emphasize humility
           and service. October 2  we will show a First Friday
           Flix movie for WSCOB with social distancing in the Fellowship Hall.  We are continuing to Facebook Live
           record our sermons and post them and other uplifting posts on the WSCOB Facebook page.  WSCOB has
           been providing assistance (cards, phone calls, money, food, building repairs, etc.) for members in need.  In
           August, WSCOB donated 114 rolls of toilet paper for Bethesda Mission, Harrisburg.  In August and
           September the congregation continued the monthly Vital Journey Bible Study on Spiritual Gifts, which will
           run through the end of the year.  The Women's Fellowship is planning a fundraiser, to sell Radnor Cutlery
           products, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If interested in a catalog of these reasonably priced
           knives, kitchen utensils and mixes (dips, soups, cakes, spices, etc.) let the church know at 717-795-8573.
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