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                                              There is also the problem of mental illness and the dearth of
                                             treatment facilities and resources to help. Although, if you talk to
                                             mental illness professionals, the mentally ill are more likely to hurt
                                             themselves than others. So that is not the total solution either.
                                                Some point to social media and the cocooning effects of the
                                             Covid-19 pandemic as the problem. As we become isolated from
                                             others, it far too easy to misjudge other’s motives or intentions
                                             when all you see is what comes to you through the internet. Some
                                             people’s research into things is only what they read on FB or other
                                             sites. While the internet can be a helpful tool to explore the world at
                                             your fingertips, like any tool it can become a weapon. I prefer
                                             people to talk to me in person where I can see expressions, body
                                             language, and hear inflections in their voices. But the elimination of
                                             social media is not the total solution either.
                                                I would hope that we could see others as human beings and not
                                             a group. If you consider someone less than human, it is easy to
                                             want to eliminate them from the face of the earth. Just look to the
                                             treatment of native Americans as they were referred to as savages
                                             and less than worthy of humane treatment in the early years of our
                                             country. We can also point to the blight of slavery in America or the
            SO PA District COB               Holocaust in Europe in the 1940’s.

           3375 Carlisle Rd, Ste                We need to see others as God sees them. He loves us and gave
                      A                      His only Son for our salvation. We have an example of self-
                                             sacrifice not self-aggrandizement or promotion. Unfortunately, in
            Gardners, PA 17324               some cases, the church has not been the best model of following

               717-778-2264                  Christ’s example. But the church is the best hope for making a
                                             difference as we strive together to not be of this world in our lives,
                                             attitudes, responses, and living together. If ever our world needs to

             Rev. Dr. William A.             be “Jesus in the Neighborhood,” it is now. We are created by God
                                             for this and commissioned to do this. I would hope that we will take
                                             a close look at how we deal with one another and how we proclaim
              District Executive             Christ to our world. Let us love one another with Christ’s love and
              724-875-0958 cell              show that to the world. Let us pray and work for reconciliation and
                the salvation of others. My prayer is that we will experience the
                                             truth of Psalm 30:11-12
                Office hours:
                                             You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my
             Mon, Thu, Fri  10-4
                                             sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing
                                             your praises and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise you
                                             forever. Psalm 30:11-12
                Amy Weaver

               Office Manager
               SOPADistrict@                 Bill

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                Mon-Thu 9-4

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