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Page 2                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                                         In the case of some with Tourette’s, if it isn’t in there, it
                                         can’t come out!
                                         Obviously, what I wish for us is that we are dedicated to

                                         studying God’s word and living as disciples of the Living
                                         Word, Jesus Christ. The more I immerse myself into the
                                         word, I realize how much I fall short and rely upon God’s
                                         grace to carry me through. I resolve to be more like Jesus
                                         in all I do and speak. Not that I have already attained it,
                                         but I press on.

                                         Two questions for you to consider: What worthless things
                                         do you wish to have your eyes turned away from? What
                                         things of worth do you desire to see?


             SO PA District COB

            3375 Carlisle Rd, Ste
             Gardners, PA 17324


              Rev. Dr. William A.
               District Executive
               724-875-0958 cell

                 Office hours:
              Mon, Thu, Fri  10-4

                  Kiah Brady
                Office Manager
                 Office hours:
              Mon-, Wed, Fri 10-4
                  Thurs 10-12
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