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Page 2                                                                Southern Pennsylvania District

                           A Message from our District Executive

                       As I reflect on my recent health scare, I can see a parallel in the Christmas

                       Jesus came to earth to provide salvation from our sin and enable us to have a
                       relationship with God. For many, they didn’t then and do not now, realize how
                       serious the sickness of sin was and is. We cannot save ourselves by doing good
                       things or saying the right words. It is only through Christ that we have new life.

                       My prayer is that have already realized that in the eyes of God you were really
                       sick, and that Christ is the only cure for what ails us. My prayer is also that we
                       will be committed to sharing the Good News that is the real story of Christmas
                       to others.

                       One last thanksgiving: I am thankful that our plans to visit in Florida and have
                       our Granddaughter and Grandson (and their parents!) together for Christmas
                       have not been scuttled yet!

                       So, Happy Thanksgiving and then the Merriest of Christmas celebrations to
                       you and yours.


                                          Words can not express the over whelming love and support

                                            I have felt working here at the district office.  I have met
                                           so many people, through phones calls, and in person. The
                                            friendships that have made is more of a blessing then I
                                                                could ever imagine.

                                           My heart is overjoyed with it  all.  Even though its been a
                                               year it feels like a lifetime and I will cherish it all.

                                              I’m looking forward to my next adventure in my life.
                                                      Thank you to everyone in the district,

                                                                Much Love,  Amy
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