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                                        So if you are a pastor feeling burdened by the challenges of serving during a
                                        pandemic and maybe feeling the isolation more keenly, there is hope. If you are
                                        a parishioner that longs for a sense of normality in the world and in the church,
                                        there is hope. And if you are a DE that longs for a way to bring our beloved
                                        denomination back together to serve the Lord, there is hope.

                                        This Easter season I will be able to finally see our first grandchild for the very
                                        first time. Each new birth gives the family a sense of renewal and joy. I pray for
                                        you that you will experience once again the true joy of new life that the
                                        resurrection of Christ brings.

                                        In Watchful Expectation,

                                                            Bill Waugh will be on vacation

                                                               March 25th to April 4th.

           SO PA District COB
        3375 Carlisle Rd, Ste A

          Gardners, PA 17324
                                               The District Office will be CLOSED

             Note changes:                         April 2nd and 5th for Easter
            we have moved                        and May 31st for Memorial Day

         Rev. Dr. William A. Waugh
             District Executive
             724-875-0958 cell                          Congregational Leadership Updates

                                          These congregations are currently in the pastoral (or additional staff)
                                          search process:
              Carolyn Jones                    •  Bermudian COB, Pastor, anticipated vacancy as of 7/31/21,
              Office Manager                       Pastor Larry is retiring
              SOPADistrict@                    •  Tuscarora Fellowship
                         •  York Second COB, Pastor, anticipated vacancy as of 4/30/21,
                                                   Pastor Courland is retiring
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