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                                        cabinet and pulling out a file that I need to look at for a question that someone
                                        may have I missed the interaction of working with Carolyn in the office I miss a
                                        change of scenery every day.

                                        But beyond the daily struggles that we all face, there is one who holds our
                                        future in His hands. You remember the old gospel song, “He’s Got the Whole
                                        World in His hands”, don’t you? I want to place my trust not in government, or
                                        dare I say it politics, but firmly in Him. I trust that God has our best interests in
                                        mind and if we seek Him passionately, we will overcome.

                                        I am praying for you and live for the day when we can meet and once again be
                                        the church gathered. Until then, “Be the Church!- Peacefully. Simply. But not so
                                        close Together.” (Copyright Brethren Press)

                                        I will be on vacation October 9-11 to perform a friend’s wedding in NY and
                                        October 29-Nov 2 for our daughter’s wedding.


           SO PA District COB
            6035 York Road
        New Oxford, PA  17350

             Note: phone#
            changes, we are

         working from home.

        Rev. Dr. William A. Waugh
             District Executive

              Carolyn Jones
              Office Manager
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