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investigating various possible sites Brother Knechel reported that a friend, the Rev. A. W.
               Geigley, had graciously offered to present as a gift to the Southern District of Pennsylvania
               approximately 150 acres of woodland adjoining his residence near Fairfield, Pennsylvania, to be
               used for a church camp.  A special District Conference was called on April 6, 1957 when the
               delegates voted to accept with great appreciation this generous gift of the Rev. & Mrs. A. W.
               Geigley.  Camp trustees were appointed to begin plans for the developing of a camp.  A larger
               camp committee was later formulated  which included the trustees.   This committee has been
               functioning, seeking the counsel of camp experts, and carefully laying plans for our future
               camping program.  Camp activities began in the summer of 1960.  It was named Camp Eder after
               the Eder River in Schwarzenau, Germany.  Schwarzenau was the town where the first Brethren
               baptized each other in the Eder River.

                       The mission of Camp Eder is to plan, organize, and institute a program that will foster
               and enhance the spiritual lives of the campers, retreaters, and camp personnel.  The camp is
               recognized as an integral part of the local congregations, the District, and the Brotherhood
               through their support, interest, time, talent, and money.   Camp Eder strives to present  an
               innovative and exciting program while preserving the traditional aspects that are valued by the
               congregations within the Church of the Brethren.  Camp provides a place of natural beauty where
               persons can experience God’s creation in a loving and caring environment, extending the love of
               Jesus Christ to all people, providing to each the opportunity to discover His Spirit at work in the
               world and in one’s own life.   In 2003, Camp Eder  purchased an additional 250 acres of the
               original Geigley farm.

                       There are 13 members on the Camp Eder Board of Directors.

                                     (i)    Camp  Eder Board  Members are selected  and  contacted  by their
               Board of Directors, presented to the District Nominating Committee for inclusion in the District
               Conference Ballot, and an affirmation vote of the District Conference body.

                              (c)      Children’s Aid  Society.   Children’s Aid  Society  (CAS) had  its
               beginnings in 1913 at the home of Sudie May  Wingert of the Antietam/Trinity congregation.
               Because of her strong feelings about ensuring the basic needs of all children, she promoted child
               rescue committees within the congregations throughout the Southern Pennsylvania District.
               Early placements of children in congregational foster families begin in 1915 and continued well
               after the formation of the Children’s Home which opened in 1923.  The agency purchased a
               larger home in Carlisle which continued serving children until 1959.  By 1975, CAS was
               providing substantial support to agencies and families with special needs children.

                       The decision to return to the provision of direct services occurred in the late seventies and
               today CAS continues to provide services to children and their families in Franklin, Adams, and
               York counties, PA.

                       In 1982,  the New Oxford Child/Family  counseling center, now known as the Nicarry
               Center, opened in Adams County.  The Nicarry Center (TNC) offers counseling to children ages
               3 to 18 in the form of Art and Play therapy.  TNC also provides a clothing bank (referred to as
               “God’s Closet”) for children.

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