Page 21 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 21

(i)    There shall be an  Executive Committee of the District Board
               including the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, the five commission Chairpersons, the  District
               Treasurer, Board Secretary (District Executive), Moderator, and Moderator Elect.  (The District
               Treasurer, Board Secretary (District Executive), Moderator and Moderator Elect shall serve ex
               officio, without vote.)

                                     (ii)   The Executive Committee shall:

                                            (1)    Serve ad-interim when the work of the District Board can
               be expedited without infringing upon the Board’s responsibilities and authority.

                                            (2)    Implement development of the District budget and be
               responsible for recommending and interpreting the proposed District Budget to District Board
               and District Conference.

                                            (3)    Recommend  Executive or  Program  staff for employment
               by the District Board.

                                            (4)    Counsel with the staff regarding their work and record of
               agreement.  (See Section 6.4(c))

                              (b)      Other Committees.  The District Conference and/or the District Board
               may constitute or authorize such other continuing or short-term committees as necessary to assist
               with the ongoing work of the District.  When the specific assignment of a committee is achieved,
               the committee shall be dismissed.

                       5.8    Meetings.

                              (a)      The District Board  shall establish  its own  meeting schedule rotating
               among the  four zones.  Special meetings of  the Board  may be called  by the Executive

                              (b)      The commissions and  committees shall establish  their own  meeting
               schedules or meet as the District Board may direct.

                              (c)      A minimum of five days reminder notice of all regularly scheduled
               meetings shall be given to the membership involved.  A minimum of ten days advance notice of
               all specially called meetings shall be given to the membership involved.  No minimum advance
               notice shall be required for an emergency meeting.

                       5.9    Quorum.  For meetings of the Board and Commissions, a majority of the elected
               members shall constitute a quorum.

                       5.10  Indemnification.

                              (a)      Indemnification.

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