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P. 16

the chairperson or by the Board.  The vice-chairperson shall also serve in that position on the
               Executive Committee and shall serve on a commission.

                                     (iii)   Secretary.  The District  Executive shall serve as secretary of the
               Board and shall be custodian of all official records of the District.  The executive shall keep the
               minutes of the meetings of the Board; see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the
               provisions of these bylaws or as required by law; be custodian of the corporate records and of the
               seal of the corporation and see that the seal of the corporation is affixed to all documents, the
               execution of which on behalf of the corporation under its seal is duly authorized in accordance
               with the provisions of these bylaws; and in general perform all duties incident to the office of
               secretary and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the District Board.  The
               District Board shall designate a person to record the minutes of the District Board meetings.

                       5.6    Commissions.

                              (a)      The work of the Board shall be implemented by five (5) commissions as
               delineated below.  Each commission shall:

                                     (i)    Call its own  chairperson,  vice  chairperson,  and secretary  at the
               time of Board reorganization.  The Commission shall be responsible to the District Board.

                                     (ii)   Prepare a commission budget, on or before June 1, for presentation
               to the District Executive Committee,

                                     (iii)   Make necessary contacts for commission committee appointments
               by November 1 of each year.

                                     (iv)   Submit an annual written commission report (on or before the July
               District Board Meeting) for inclusion in the District Conference Booklet.

                                     (v)    Provide for any short or long-term committees and/or task teams to
               assist in the work of the commission.

                              (b)      Listed below is the work of the five (5) commissions:

                                     (i)    Nurture Commission.   The Nurture Commission shall be
               responsible for directing and undergirding the following programs within District congregations:

                                            (1)    Christian Education Support:

                                                   a.      Promote and uplift the importance and need  for
               Christian Education within congregations.

                                                   b.      Provide    leadership    training    opportunities,
               curriculum development for congregational Sunday School/Bible Study/Vacation Bible School

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