Page 12 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 12

(12)   Nominations from the floor shall contain the nominee’s
               name, congregation, and church office held.  Any additional statements or speeches will be
               considered “out of order.”

                                            (13)   Any person nominated from the floor shall have given prior
               written consent for the particular office.  The person making the nomination will  submit to the
               Writing Clerk of District Conference, a written consent signed by the nominee plus biographical

                                            (14)   The approved ballot, with printed information  concerning
               the persons nominated from the floor, will then be presented on Saturday A.M. for voting by the

                                            (15)   A majority vote shall be required for all elections.

                              (b)      District Conference Program and Arrangements Committee.

                                     (i)    Membership:

                                            (1)    There shall be  a District Conference Program and
               Arrangements Committee.  The committee shall be composed of the Moderator, who shall serve
               as chairperson; the Moderator-elect; the Writing Clerk; and four members (one from each zone)
               elected by District Conference for one three-year term.

                                            (2)    The local church  hosting District Conference shall
               designate a conference  director/coordinator,  and that person should  attend  meetings of the
               Program and Arrangements Committee as an ex officio member, without vote.

                                     (ii)   Responsibilities:

                                            (1)    The District Conference Program and  Arrangements
               Committee shall be responsible for planning the conference program; i.e. obtaining leadership,
               determining the place  of meeting,  securing  facilities,  providing for exhibits,  registering
               delegates, appointing tellers, and making other necessary arrangements for the conference.  The
               committee shall arrange the schedule and agenda of the conference in such a way as to provide
               for the most effective handling of business, while also providing an inspirational component.

                       2.7    Standing Committee  Delegates.   Delegates shall be called  by  District
               Conference to  represent the District  on the Annual Conference Standing Committee.  The
               directives of Annual Conference shall be followed in determining eligibility, number allowed,
               and length of term.  Standing Committee delegates shall serve on District Board as ex officio
               members, without vote, if they are not already elected members of the Board.

                                                        ARTICLE 3

                                                Legal Officers of the District

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