Page 7 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
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                             Southern Pennsylvania District Church of the Brethren

                                                        ARTICLE 1

                                                     Member Churches

               Member churches of the District shall include those organized congregations and fellowships
               (In this document, the word, “congregation” means both congregations and fellowships) of
               the Church  of the Brethren  which  have been  recognized  by the  District Conference and  as
               defined in Article III of the Charter.  A new church development shall be called a “fellowship”
               until it is recognized as a congregation by the District Conference in accordance with current
               denominational and District polity.
                                                        ARTICLE 2

                                                    District Conference

                       2.1    Purpose of District Conference.

               District Conference is a mass meeting to which delegates and others, interested from the member
               congregations and fellowships, convene in business sessions to give implementation to District
               purpose.  District Conference is the final  authority of the District on policy, program, and
               procedure.  District Conference officers are encouraged to provide an inspirational setting, but
               they and members of the Program and Arrangements Committee, are encouraged to regard the
               following agenda as indicative of its principal business functions:

                              (1)    To review achievements;

                              (2)    To analyze procedures and results;

                              (3)    To survey continuing opportunities and needs;

                              (4)    To participate in goal setting;

                              (5)    To approve policy;

                              (6)    To organize for action and delegate responsibility through an election;

                              (7)    To dedicate resources; and

                              (8)    To go forth in service.

                       2.2    Schedule of District Conference.

               The District Conference shall convene in its annual session on the third Saturday and preceding
               Friday in September.  Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the conference officers
               in consultation with the District Board.

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