Page 9 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 9

(v)    The delegate body shall have the following functions:

                                            (1)    Serve as the final authority of the District in all matters of
               polity, procedure, and function.

                                            (2)    Confirm the  officers  of the District Conference,  the
               members of special committees/teams authorized by the District, and members of the District

                                            (3)    Review the work of the District as presented to the District
               Conference in the reports of the elected boards and committees.

                                            (4)    Project the program of  the District,  determining  fields of
               endeavor, plans for advancement, size of budgets, and all other necessary matters.

                                            (5)    Dispose of queries that come to the District Conference.

                                            (6)    Receive reports from individuals and/or committees
               appointed to deal with specific problems in the life of the District.

                                            (7)    Determine what resolutions shall be the voice of the
               District on the problems of the day.

                       2.4    Participation.

                              (a)      Every congregation is encouraged to participate with a full contingency
               of delegates.

                              (b)      District Conference attendance by  all members of the District is

                              (c)      Announcement of coming Conferences shall be made in  each
               congregation within the 30-day period prior to the scheduled meeting, at least two times; once
               early in the 30-day period, and again the preceding Sunday.

                       2.5    District Officers.  The officers of the District shall be the Moderator, Moderator-
               Elect, Writing Clerk and Treasurer.

                              (a)      Election/Calling to Offices.

                                     (i)    The Moderator shall be elected/called by District Conference one
               year in  advance of the  year of service, during which time the position shall be known  as

                                     (ii)   Upon a vacancy in the  office of Moderator, the Moderator-Elect
               shall assume the moderatorship.  The next regularly scheduled District  Conference shall elect
               both Moderator and  Moderator-Elect for the upcoming  year.  The Moderator shall not

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