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2.3    Conference Delegate Body.

               All members of the churches and fellowships of the District shall have the privilege of moving
               and discussing the business of the District Conference.  However, only delegates shall have the
               right to vote.

                              (a)      Qualifications and Duties of Delegates.

                                     (i)    Delegates shall be elected only from among the active, informed,
               and committed membership of the church.  Delegates shall be expected to attend all business
               sessions of District Conference and  all meetings of the delegate body.  They shall report and
               communicate actions and concerns from District to congregation and vice versa. (See Annual
               Conference Minutes, 1947.)

                                     (ii)   Congregations shall endeavor to select delegates who are informed
               and interested in the life of the larger church, and/or show potential for leadership and
               involvement in the District and national levels of the church.

                              (b)      Representation and Election of Delegates.

                                     (i)    Representation of congregations shall be as follows:

                                        Membership                 Number of Delegates
                                    150 members or less                       3
                                    151 to 200 members                        4
                                    201 to 300 members                        5
                                    301 to 400 members                        6
                                    401 to 500 members                        7
                                    501 to 600 members                        8
                                    601 to 700 members                        9
                                    701 or more members                      10

                                     (ii)   The    Pastor/Moderator/Minister    in   charge    and    Church
               Board/Leadership Team Chair of each member body should serve as delegates by virtue of their
               offices.  Each congregation shall select the remaining quota of its delegates from its membership
               at large.

                                     (iii)   Delegates selected  from the membership  at large of the
               congregation  should  serve  for two or three  years,  with staggered terms, to assure  continuity.
               Delegates may be called to succeed themselves.

                                     (iv)   Delegates shall be called at the time of the general elections in the
               local congregation.   The delegates’  term of  service shall begin  with  the regular  District
               Conference following their election, and they shall serve on a year-round basis.  When elected,
               delegates’ names and addresses shall be  reported to the District Office  to be included on the
               mailing list for newsletters, financial reports, and other pertinent information.  Delegates shall
               register at District Conference to indicate their presence each day.

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