Page 11 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 11

(1)    The Nominating and Personnel Committee shall present a
               ballot of nominees for vacancies to be filled by District Conference except for those agencies
               whose by-laws state otherwise (See Article 7. for further delineation.)

                                            (2)    The ballot will include nominees representative of all zones
               within  the District.    Board membership shall provide a  balance between  pastors and lay
               members, men and women, and  differing theological perspectives.

                                            (3)    The term of office  for  all called or appointed  personnel
               shall be three years, (from District Conference to District Conference), unless otherwise stated in
               the bylaws.  No one shall be eligible to serve more than two full terms in succession.

                                            (4)    Approximately one-third of the membership of the District
               Board and continuing committees shall be called in any one year.

                                            (5)    A time shall be scheduled at each District Conference for
               nominations from the delegate body.  A handout with a list of openings to be filled at the next
               District Conference will be prepared with a brief description of responsibilities of each position
               and the gifts and talents best suited to the position.  The Moderator shall lead the delegate body
               in  a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance upon  this discernment process.  Then time will be
               allowed for the delegates to consider persons they would like to nominate for each position and
               write the names on the handout.  The handouts will be collected for use by the Nominating and
               Personnel Committee.    Additional nominations from individuals and  congregations may be
               forwarded to the District Nominating and Personnel Committee at any time prior to the forming
               of the District Conference Ballot.

                                            (6)    The Nominating  and  Personnel Committee shall make
               nominations for all openings and secure written approval of the nominees.

                                            (7)    In securing approval for nominations, the Nominating and
               Personnel Committee will send  a listing of  qualifications,  abilities,  responsibilities to  the
               potential nominees.

                                            (8)    The completed ballot  will be presented  to the District
               Board for review, affirmation, and recommendation on to District Conference.  The Ballot will
               be distributed to the delegates  and congregations prior to  conference, with biographical data

                                            (9)    At District Conference (on the first day - Friday), the  ballot
               will be presented by the chairperson of the Nominating and Personnel Committee (Moderator-
               elect), who will describe the process by which the ballot was developed.

                                            (10)   The chairperson  will then  move for the  adoption of the

                                            (11)   Before the vote on the motion is taken, the Moderator will
               give opportunity for nominations from the floor.

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