Page 14 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 14

(2)    Provide an annual written report to District Conference.

                       (3)    Coordinate and supervise the work of the Commissions.

                       (4)    Seek ways to assist member congregations to help them meet their needs and to
               fulfill their mission.

                       (5)    Project long-range planning, set goals, and initiate new programs.

                       (6)    Interpret, administer, and supervise the denominational program in the District.

                       (7)    Call and direct the work of a District Executive and such other personnel as may
               be authorized by the District Conference.

                       (8)    Make all appointments for which the Board is responsible.

                       (9)    Provide nominations of persons to serve on the District Nominating and Personnel

                       (10)   Fill vacancies in elective District offices occurring between District Conferences.

                       (11)   Have responsibility for the management of all District assets including the
               collection, disbursement, and borrowing of funds and the purchase and sale of all property.

                       (12)   Prepare the District Budget for presentation to the District Conference.

                       (13)   Select and engage the services of a professional auditor.

                       (14)   Assign authority for the establishment of bank accounts and the signing of checks.

                       (15)   Arrange bonding for all persons having access to District funds.

                       (16)   Process concerns brought by person(s) or church group(s).

                       (17)   Process business items for District Conference action.

                       (18)   Offer  guidance in the  processing of queries from local churches for  District
               Conference action (See Preparation  & Process of Queries in the Church of the  Brethren
               appendage for guidelines.)

                       (19)   Act on recommendations presented by Ministry Commission for licensing  and
               ordination to the ministry.

                       (20)   Call  a  Shalom  Team  in  accordance  with  the  decision  of  Annual

                       (21)   Provide in-service training opportunities for District Board members, employed
               staff, and other District personnel.

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