Page 18 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 18

(1)    Encourage the work of  evangelism by providing training
               and resources for local church leaders.

                                            (2)    Emphasize necessary  outreach of the Church of the
               Brethren through denominational, District, and local support, both financially and physically.

                                            (3)    Inform persons of all  ages of service opportunities and
               actively recruit both youth and adults for Brethren Volunteer Service.

                                            (4)    Participate in  efforts  to  feed  the hungry,  assist the
               homeless, and provide spiritual, social, and material aid for persons with special needs.

                                                   a.      Direct and supervise the work of the District Meat
               Canning Committee in cooperation with the Mid-Atlantic District Witness Commission.  Provide
               a Commission liaison to the Meat Canning Committee.

                                            (5)    Promote the peace and service beliefs of the Church of the
               Brethren and enable congregations and members to make an appropriate response to
               denominational peace and service beliefs.

                                            (6)    Encourage and give assistance to congregations in the area
               of Refugee resettlement.

                                            (7)    Work with the Pennsylvania Council of Churches in the
               areas of Council on Alcohol Problems, Truck Stop Ministry, and Fruitbelt Farm Workers
               Ministry, providing lay and staff representation to these areas of ministry.

                                            (8)    Undergird the Emergency Response  and Services
               Ministries in partnership with the denominational Emergency Response and Services Ministries
               offices.   This shall be accomplished  by providing interpretation  to  the local District
               congregations and appropriate response communications with the local congregations.

                                            (9)    Undergird  the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction  of the
               Atlantic Northeast and Southern PA Districts.   This shall be accomplished by working in
               partnership with the Disaster Relief Auction Board of Directors and by providing a liaison from
               the Witness Commission to the Auction Board of Directors to serve ex-officio without vote.

                                            (10)           Uplift and promote Heifer  International (formerly
               Heifer Project) in appropriate ways.

                                     (iii)   Ministry Commission.   The Ministry Commission shall be
               responsible for providing  guidance and supervision of the work of the  set-apart credentialed
               ministry in the District.  The Commission shall be made up of both lay and ordained persons;
               however, the majority shall be ordained.  The Commission will be responsible to:

                                            (1)    Counsel candidates prior to licensing, conducting
               subsequent pre-licensing interviews, and recommendation to the calling congregation for final
               approval and subsequent notification  to District Board of that approval.

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