Page 20 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 20

(3)    Promote a program  of stewardship education and
               enlistment in the churches; working in cooperation with the Nurture Commission in the area of
               stewardship education and curriculum.

                                            (4)    Provide training for churches in areas such  as:  “Risk
               Management,”  “Tax Requirements,”  “Building Safety,”  “Insurance Coverage,”  and  “Property
               Management,” on an on-going basis.

                                            (5)    Supervise the financial interests of the District.

                                            (6)    Assume  responsibility  of all properties of the District,
               including properties such as cemeteries and church buildings returned to the District.

                                            (7)    Encourage congregations to support the work of the church
               through the District and denomination.

                                            (8)    Initiate  communication with  agencies regarding fund
               raising plans and budgeting needs.

                                            (9)    Facilitate a  yearly meeting with  District Development
               Officers of the various District Mission Agencies of the District, or other persons charged with
               development for the agency, for the purpose of reviewing the ministry, financial needs, and fund
               raising plans of the agencies to District congregations and constituency.

                                     (v)    Church Development and Revitalization Commission.  The Church
               Development and Revitalization Commission shall be responsible for directing and undergirding
               the evangelistic outreach  of the church through new  church development and church
               revitalization via the following efforts:

                                            (1)    Researching  (conducting appropriate surveys to discover
               areas for new church growth and development) and planning new church development projects.

                                            (2)    Providing  oversight and work in cooperation with the
               District Staff and Ministry Commission in selection of leadership for new church development

                                            (3)    Appoint needed steering committees and moderators to
               provide support and leadership to new church projects.

                                            (4)    Provide leadership assistance and oversee the revitalization
               of existing churches within the District.

                                            (5)    Supervise the planting, merging, or dissolution of churches
               in accord with Annual Conference polity.

                       5.7    Committees.

                              (a)      Executive Committee.

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