Page 24 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 24

(b)      District Office support staff shall be employed by the District Executive
               following consultation and affirmation of the Executive Committee.

                              (c)      The terms of employment for all employed personnel shall be carefully
               stipulated and reviewed annually  or  clearly set forth  in  a District Personnel Policies and
               Procedures Manual approved by the District Board.

                              (d)      With a multiple staff, the division of responsibility and the lines of
               authority shall be clearly defined and periodically reviewed.

                              (e)      There shall be a written job description for each employee.

                              (f)      Salary and Benefits shall be approved by the District Board.

                                                        ARTICLE 7

                                      Related Mission Agencies and Interest Groups

                       7.1    Recognition.  The District recognizes separately organized  and/or incorporated
               mission agencies related to the Church of the Brethren.

                       7.2    Cooperation.  Cooperation between such mission agencies and the District shall
               exist with an openness to oversight  and direction of the  District Board or its respective
               commissions in  respect to the following:

                              (a)      The need to maintain  communication between the Mission Agency
               boards and the District Board, between the Agency boards and the total District constituency,
               and the Agencies within their own boards.

                              (b)      The continued need for coordination of agency fund raising activities.

                              (c)      The continued need for greater coordination and correlation in the
               setting of goals and the establishment of priorities.

                              (d)      The need of a continuing sense of relationship by individual agencies to
               each other and of their individual accountability, even though separate boards and charters exist.

                              (e)      The need to maintain the mutual trust/partnership between the District
               Board and the related mission Agencies and between the Agencies as they relate to each other.

                              (f)      Agencies  related to  the District have  a responsibility to  report
               periodically to  the District Board  and  District  Conference.   Agency representatives will be
               invited to attend such meetings with adequate time on the agenda for reporting.

                              (g)      The use of tenure for Agency Board level positions is encouraged.

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