Page 25 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 25

(h)      The Agencies shall submit to the District Office, their meeting dates and
               copies of their board meeting minutes.  The District Staff or designated appointee shall be invited
               to attend all Agency meetings.

                              (i)      The constitution and by-laws of  each  Agency shall reflect the strong
               inter-relationship between the Agency and the District.

                              (j)      The District Office shall receive copies of all Agency documents at such
               times as they are updated or revised.

                              (k)      The District Executive(s) will call  a meeting  of the Agency  heads
               (Executives), the District Moderator, the District Moderator Elect, and the District Board Chair
               to meet annually  with the District Agency heads for the purpose of reviewing the work and
               activity of those agencies and their relationship to the District and provide a printed report to the
               District Board and District Conference of the nature of that relationship.

                       7.3    Mission Agencies.

                              (a)      Brook  Lane Health Services.  Brook Lane was created in 1946 by the
               Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and opened its doors in 1949.  It was the first psychiatric
               hospital established by  MCC.  The vision for  Brook  Lane  grew out of  young conscientious
               objectors that served during World War  II in state hospitals, combined with the history of
               Russian Mennonites that created a church hospital called Bethania.  The concepts for providing
               mental health services were: 1).  In the name of Christ; 2). In a nonjudgmental way; and 3). In a
               compassionate way.   In 1958, MCC gave Brook  Lane and its operations to a local board of
               directors stating that at  least fifty percent of the membership  must be  representatives of the
               constituent churches of the Anabaptist faith.  These were listed as Mennonite, Church of the
               Brethren, and Brethren in Christ.  By the 1980’s Brook Lane was seeking ways to strengthen its
               connection to the church community.  In 1984, the Southern Pennsylvania District Church of the
               Brethren approved an affiliate relationship with Brook  Lane.  This includes having
               representation on Brook Lane’s Board of Directors, and increased influence and communication
               with each organization’s ministry.  The Southern Pennsylvania District Church of the Brethren
               representative(s) to Brook Lane Board shall be appointed by the Southern PA District Board.
               Term of office is three  years,  the term commencing July 1.   Members may serve three
               consecutive three-year terms.  These board members have a dual responsibility.

                                     (i)    To be aware of the events and values of the Southern Pennsylvania
               District Church of the Brethren and to communicate those to Brook Lane Health Services  Board
               of Directors so that that value structure may be incorporated into Brook Lane’s operations.

                                     (ii)   To share, with appropriate elements of the Southern Pennsylvania
               District Church of the Brethren, Brook Lane’s value structure and operational intent.

                              (b)      Camp  Eder.   In 1955 a query  came to the Southern District of
               Pennsylvania Conference asking that a study be made regarding the possibility of establishing a
               camp within our District.  The conference gave a directive to the District Board of Christian
               Education to make plans for a new camp.  A committee composed of Robert Knechel, Joseph M.
               Long  and George l. Detweiler was appointed to attempt to find a  suitable camp  site.   After

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