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The Corporation is managed by a Board of Directors Composed of thirteen members.
               Seven  members are elected by the Corporation  delegates from nominations submitted by the
               Board of Directors.  Four members are elected directly by the Board of Directors.   The election
               process takes place during the Annual Corporation Meeting of the Foundation Board via a ballot
               prepared by The Brethren Home Foundation.  The President of the Corporation and the President
               of The Friends of Cross Keys Village are ex-officio members, with vote.

                       The Brethren Home Foundation is the parent corporation, whose subsidiary corporations
               are  The  Brethren  Home Community (Health  Care and  Retirement Facilities) including the
               Program and Services Advisory  Board, and  The Brethren Management  Services Corporation.
               The corporations  are not-for-profit except The Brethren Management  Services Corporation,
               which is a for-profit corporation.

                       The primary subsidiary of The Brethren Home Foundation is The Brethren Home
               Community, an Accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community offering subacute nursing
               care, long term care, Assisted living, Residential Housing, Dementia Care, and Adult Day Care

                              (g)      Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center  (formerly Susquehanna Valley
               Satellite).  Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center began in 1993 as a joint venture of  Bethany
               Theological Seminary, Atlantic Northeast District, and Southern PA District, to provide Church
               of the Brethren based graduate, certificate, and continuing education training for ministry.  In
               1997, Bethany Theological Seminary turned control of the ministry over to the sponsoring
               Districts, though Bethany  remains a partner which  accredits the Master of Divinity Degree
               courses offered.  Currently there are five (5) partnering Districts.  They include: Southern PA,
               Western PA, Middle PA, Atlantic Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic.

                       A representative Governing  Board  of the partners  governs the organization.  Two
               members on the Governing Board, who are appointed by the District Board, represent Southern
               Pennsylvania District.  These appointments are for a three-year term, with the opportunity for a
               second term.  The District Executive serves as an ex-officio member of the Governing Board,
               with vote.

                              (h)      Disaster Relief Auction.   The Church  of the Brethren  Disaster Relief
               Auction, Inc. was organized to plan and conduct an annual auction sale and related activities to
               raise funds to support the disaster relief program of the Church of the Brethren including the
               relief activities of the Atlantic Northeast and Southern Pennsylvania Districts of the Church of
               the Brethren, and to raise awareness of disaster relief needs.

                       A Board of Directors governs the organization.  One-half of the directors shall be from
               Southern PA District.  These representatives will be proposed by the Church of the  Brethren
               Disaster Relief Auction  Inc. Board  of Directors presented  to  Southern PA District Witness
               Commission and Nominating and Personnel Committee for confirmation at District Conference.

                       A liaison from the District Witness Commission, and the District Executive (or Associate
               District Executive) shall serve as ex-officio members of the Church of the Brethren  Disaster
               Relief Auction, Inc. Board of Directors, without vote.

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