Page 31 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 31


                                                       Rules of Order

               When appropriate, a form of consensus decision making process in addition to a more worshipful
               form of conducting business may be utilized; otherwise Robert’s Rules  of Order shall be the
               official rules of order for the District Conference and the District Board meetings.

                                                       ARTICLE 11


               The bylaws of the District may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present and
               voting at any  regular session of the District  Conference.  Written notice of the proposed
               amendment shall be given with the call of the meeting issued at least thirty days prior to the
               meeting.  The bylaws shall be reviewed by the District Board every 3 years.

               Amended and Restated with revisions adopted:  7/14/88; 9/16/95; 9/18/2004; 9/17/2005;
               9/19/09; 9/18/10; 9/19/15
               Revised from 1988
               Sections 2.6 and 7.1 inserted and/or revised from 1972 Institutional Relationships Policy

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