Page 30 - Plan of Organization 2015-0919
P. 30

(i)      Other Mission Agencies. As requested or need arises, the District Board
               shall give direction  to  the formation  of new mission  agencies within  the District.   All such
               organizations shall exist to aid in fulfilling the mission of the church at large in the District and
               shall be subject to the oversight and direction of the District Board or its respective commissions.

                                                        ARTICLE 8


               The District shall be divided into zones to facilitate program and for the administration of
               District affairs.  The zones shall be used to determine representation on the District Board and
               the District Nominating and Personnel Committee.

                       8.1    Eastern Zone.

                              Bermudian,  Black Rock, Codorus, Faith Community of The Brethren  Home,
                              Hanover,  Lake View,    New  Fairview,  New  Freedom,  Pleasant Hill,  Pleasant
                              View,  Upper Conewago, West York,  York-First, York-Madison, York-Second,
                              and Yorkana.

                       8.2    Western Zone.

                              Brandts, Chambersburg, Dry Run,  Falling Spring, Gettysburg,  Greencastle,
                              Knobsville, Rouzerville, Shanks, Trinity, Upton, Waynesboro.

                       8.3    Central Zone.

                              Carlisle,  Huntsdale,  Mechanicsburg, Newville, Ridge, Shippensburg, West
                              Shore, Wolgamuth.

                       8.4    Northern Zone.

                              Buffalo Valley,  Bunkertown, Farmer’s Grove,  Free Spring,  Mt. Olivet,  Sugar
                              Valley, Three Springs, Tuscarora.

                                                        ARTICLE 9

                                         Fiscal Year and District conference Year

                       9.1    Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year of the District shall be the calendar year January 1 -
               December 31.

                       9.2    District Conference  Year.   The conference  year shall be from the end of one
               annual District Conference to the end of the next annual District Conference.  All District Board
               Commission, Committees, and Liaison Representatives terms will end and begin with District

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