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Southern Pennsylvania


                                              Church of the Brethren

           For God so loved the         A Message from our District Executive
           world that He gave
           His only begotten         Here it is a week before Thanksgiving Day, and I am writing an
           Son, that whosoever       article for the December newsletter!
           believeth in Him
           should not perish, but
                                     I don’t want to rush into Christmas without taking time to truly be
           have everlasting life.
                                     thankful for my blessings.
           John 3:16
                                     Thanks be to God for His touch through all of this. And thank you

                CONTENTS             to the nurses and staff at York hospital for their care during my
                                     visit. I do want to thank all of you for your prayers, cards, visits,

                                     and thoughts during my recent hospitalization and ongoing recov-
            District Executive       ery. It is really sobering when a doctor tells you that you didn’t
            Message…………..Pgs. 1-2    realize just how sick you were. Currently, the healing is taking
            ———————————-             place and I hope to be back to whatever the new
            Greeting from
            District Board            normal is. Thanks to those in the district who are picking up some
            Chair…………..…..….Pg. 3
            ——————————–—             of the duties that I can’t yet get to.
            December Meetings &
            Events…….…………..Pg. 5      I am thankful that through technology, I can do almost all my DE
            ———————————-             work while being homebound. And I am thankful for my wife,
            Mark Your                Dawn, who has served as nurse and Uber driver through this time.
            Calendars…...……..Pgs. 6-7
            ———————————              I am also thankful to the CDRC Commission for their sponsoring a
            Africa Great Lakes &     District Prayer meeting at Carlisle. If anything is going to be done
            How to Help……….Pgs. 8-9   in our district and denomination, it must be undergirded in the
                                     prayers of the people. Thank you to Carlisle CoB for hosting this
            Church News…...Pgs. 10-12   event.
                                     Thank you to Amy Weaver for her serving as our Office Manager.
            News Around the          You may not know this, but this will be her last Newsletter as she
            District……...…..Pgs. 13-15   has resigned to take a position in Gettysburg. I will miss her enthu-
                                     siasm and willingness to learn about the Church of the Brethren. I
            Children's Aid           hope you will join me in wishing her nothing but the best as she
            Society…………Pgs. 16-19
                                     moves on from us. As of this writing, we have not hired a new
                                     Office manager so things will be a little different for a while.

               DECEMBER 2022         Please be patient as we try to cover the bases. As always, I can be
             VOLUME 40, ISSUE 6      reached through email or my cell phone.
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