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Southern Pennsylvania

                                                    District Church

                                                    of the Brethren

                                            A Message from our District Executive

                                         In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and
                                         great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be
                                         comforted, because they are not. Matthew 2: 18
                                         I cannot believe the news today
                                         Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away
                                         How long, how long must we sing this song?
                                         How long? How long? Songwriters: Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Dave
                                         Evans, Paul Hewson, U2
                                            Matthew quoted from Jeremiah 31where the prophet predicts the exile
                                         that would take place. Matthew brings this verse into the context of
                                         Herod murdering all the boys in Bethlehem, two years of age and
                                         younger, at the time of Jesus’ birth. He wanted to eliminate any rival for
                                         his throne.
                                            This verse came to mind as I held my 5-week-old grandson and
                                         watched the news coverage of the massacre at an elementary school in
                                         Ulvalde, Texas. I did not personally know any of the victims or their
                                         surviving family and friends, but inwardly, I wept and even held precious
             Volume 40, Issue 3          little Brennan a little tighter. One more mass shooting to add to our
             June/July 2022
                                         nation’s life. I wondered why places we always considered safe,
                                         (Churches, Schools, Synagogues, shopping malls, and hospitals) have
            INSIDE THIS ISSUE            become killing grounds.
            Message from     Pg.            I am not a smart man (to quote Forrest Gump), and I do not have any
            District Executive           easy solution to the violence that seems so prevalent in today’s society,
                                         but I am intelligent to know that something must be done.
            District Office   Pg.           I grew up in a small town in Western PA and guns were a part of that
                             2- 3        society, my dad did not hunt, and I was twelve or so before I even
                                         realized he had a shotgun and a rifle wrapped in a blanket in his closet.
            Meeting & Event   Pg.4       The first day of deer season was a school holiday. I am not opposed to
                                         implements of hunting. In fact, I enjoy when we have a donation of
                                         “Bambi Burger.” to eat. (Hint, Hint!) I wonder about the need to possess
            Giving Report   Pg.5
                                         what has become a mass shooter weapon of choice that is modeled after
            News             Pgs.        a military weapon. The elimination of weapons is not the total solution.
                            6-13         When we objectify a group and deny their humanity, it is easy to take a
            Church News &    Pgs.        life or lives. When I hear people broad brush others and thinking they all
            Events                       think, live, and act a certain way, I want to ask do you know them or just
                                         relish the stereotype, When I first joined the Church of the Brethren, I
            News Around the   Pgs.       was soon hearing people saying things about “Elgin” or “Bethany” as if
            District        22-27        there was only one mindset allowed in those places hat was dedicated to

            Training &       Pgs.        the ruination of the church. As I continued in the Church of the Brethren
            Opportunities   28-31        and my contact list grew, I realized that painting all a group or race is
                                         almost always wrong. But that is not the total solution either.
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