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Southern Pennsylvania District

                                             Church of the Brethren

                                                     A Message from our District Executive

                                       A show of hands…Who among us really enjoys change? I do not mean the things
                                       you carry in your pocket or purse, but a change that makes what you always
                                       counted on replaced by something new. Even though I do not mind change in other

             The Lord watches          persons or other person’s situation, I find it unsettling at times. The pandemic really
                over you—              threw me a curveball. How about you?
              the Lord is your shade
             at your right hand;       I admire our pastors and church leaders of our District that found new ways to do
          the sun will not harm you    ministry with restrictions and challenges. I appreciate all the things that church
                  by day,              members had to do to worship and serve during the past year and a half.
              nor the moon by night.
                                       Through the challenges, we have learned new things and hopefully, we have
               Psalm 121:5-6           rediscovered how much we need to be with others.

                                       The district office faced a major change in location and a major change in how we
                                       try to be of service to all of you when we were not able to use our location at Cross
                                       Keys Village-The Brethren Home Community. There were times I really longed to be
                                       able to access our files or notebooks of info.

          Volume 39, Issue 6           One way that the ministry continued was through the hard work of Carolyn Jones. I
          Dec 2021 / Jan 2022          really relied on her to make sure we kept up with the demands all the while

                                       collaborating with members of the District Board to find a new location for the
                                       physical office.
                 I N S I D E
                  T H I S              For 6+ years she has worked diligently on your behalf, and I have enjoyed the
                 I S S U E :
                                       working relationship that has developed. Anyone aware realizes that she has kept
           New & Events    2-24        me on task with friendly reminders and an uncanny ability to find things.
           Throughout the                                                nd
           District                    And now the change comes with Dec 2  being her last day working in the office.
                                       She has discovered a higher calling to care for her new grandson, Oliver. I offered to
           Giving Report     25        have the District Library painted blue and install a crib so she could watch him at
                                       work, but she graciously declined!
           Training       26-32        We will survive this change. Ministry will go on in new and diverse ways. Honestly, I
                                       will miss her at that desk. But the good news is that she has been training the new
                                       office manager. Extensive training on how things are done in the office was not a
           Meeting & Event   35
           Schedule                    luxury that Carolyn had. From what I can surmise, this training is going well, and I
                                       anticipate a smooth transition. Our new office manager, Amy Weaver will be ready
           2022 Events    36-39        to hit the ground running come Dec. 3 . She will bring her own personality and skill
                                       set to the job. I hope that you will have an opportunity to meet her and welcome
                                       her to the team.

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