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Southern Pennsylvania District

                                             Church of the Brethren

                                                     A Message from our District Executive

                                       District Conference 2021 has come and gone. This year, like last year, was
                                       different than the ones before. Last year, as you might remember, we
                                       cancelled District Conference because of the Covid 19 pandemic. It was not
                                       an easy nor a widely popular decision but one we felt compelled to do out of
                                       an abundance of caution.
                Give thanks
                to the Lord,           This year, we also debated in the District Executive Committee concerning
               for he is good.
                 His love              holding District Conference at all or modifying the way we do conference.
              endures forever.         Because the York First congregation has a daycare meeting in their building,
                                       we were already planning to not have a Friday business session.
                Psalm 136:1
                                       Instead, we held a hybrid worship service on Friday night and then had our
                                       business session on Saturday. Masks were required to be worn, and from my
                                       view from the front, everyone complied. I really appreciated our moderator,
                                       Ray Lehman’s comment that the masks were a sign of love.
                                       Post District conferences thoughts and musings…

          Volume 39, Issue 5           -The York First congregation did an excellent job hosting our meeting. They
          Oct / Nov 2021               seemed to have so many volunteers that guided us from the moment we
                                       entered the parking lot until the time we left the property. They even had
                                       snacks for us as we left! Thank you to all who gave of their time to be the
                 I N S I D E           host congregation.
                  T H I S
                 I S S U E :           -I often think that people do not realize the time and effort the District Board
                                       puts in to make sure our District ministries keep going. Besides the meetings,
           New & Events    2-17        phone calls, prayers, and work, they give of their time in many ways. I am
           Throughout the
           District                    grateful to collaborate with them all each year. I look forward to our board for
                                       this year ands want to welcome the new members and anticipate eagerly the
           Budgeting Info    18        experiences and insights they will bring. Each year we struggle to find
                                       persons who will say yes to serving in the various ministry positions on the
                                       ballot. Perhaps it is time to develop a Gifts Discernment team to put together
           Giving Report     19
                                       a slate of qualified and able persons to serve.
                                       -You could hold District Conference without the DE, but you could not hold
           Training       20-28        it without the District Office Manager. Organizing the Program and
                                       Arrangements Committee, working with the Nominating and Personnel
                                       Committee, organizing, printing, and putting together the conference packets
           Meeting & Event   31
           Schedule                    and book, organizing all the materials that must be brought to the site and
                                       transporting them to and from the office are just a fraction of all that must be
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