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                   1.  Define the following terms: sin, salvation, faith, gospel, redemption, justification,
                       regeneration, grace, mercy, repentance, forgiveness, adoption, sanctification,
                       propitiation, atonement, substitution, imputation.
                   2.  Discuss your answer to the question, “What must I do to be saved?”
                   3.  Discuss the relationship between faith and good works.
                   4.  Defend your understanding of the assurance a believer may have in regard to

                   1.  Discuss the biblical definition of the word church.
                   2.  Discuss the difference between the local church and the church universal.
                   3.  Discuss the purpose/mission of the local church.

                   1.  Discuss the definition of an ordinance.
                   2.  Discuss the purpose and teaching of Triune Immersion (Baptism).
                   3.  Discuss the purpose and teaching of Love Feast (Communion).

               Christian Life
                   1.  Discuss the importance of the following: prayer, Bible reading, membership and
                       involvement in the local church, personal holiness.
                   2.  Discuss the believer’s commitment and responsibility to the local church.
                   3.  Discuss the believer’s relationship with unbelievers.
                   4.  Defend your position on the following:
                       a.  anointing with oil
                       b.  non-resistance
                       c.  non-swearing
                       d.  priesthood of believers
                       e.  the believer’s relationship to human government
                       f.  human sexuality, marriage, family, divorce, and remarriage
                       g.  the use of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogens, etc.
                       h.  pre-marital sex, pornography, homosexuality, adultery
                       i.  gambling
                       j.  movies, videos, internet use
                       k.  personal attire

                   1.  Discuss the origin, fall, present activity, and future destiny of Satan.
                   2.  Discuss the origin, fall, present activity, and future destiny of demons.

                   1.  Discuss the following terms: Heaven, Hell, Second Coming of Christ, Sheol, Lake
                       of Fire, Eternal Life, Second Death, Millennium, Tribulation, New Heavens and
                       New Earth, Antichrist.
                   2.  Discuss your understanding of end-time events.

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