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               An important element in the process of calling individuals to the set-apart ministry is the
               Calling Cohort.  The Calling Cohort is defined in the Ministerial Leadership Polity paper
               adopted by Annual Conference in 2014.  (Ministerial Leadership Polity, 2014, pgs. 15-

                   1. The Calling Cohort
                   The discerner and the congregation, in consultation with the District Ministry
                   Commission select the Calling Cohort.

                   Guidelines for the Calling Cohort
                       Will include:
                            An ordained mentor appointed by the District Ministry Commission
                       Encouraged to include:
                            A congregational companion: a member and representative of the
                              discerner’s home congregation
                            A district companion: a representative of the discerner’s district, in addition
                              to the ordained mentor
                       May also include:
                            A spiritual friend
                            A trusted peer
                            A teacher or professor

                   This Calling Cohort, named by the individual discerner and the congregation in
                   consultation with the district, will remain intact throughout the calling, training, and
                   discernment process. The responsibility of convening the group rests with the
                   individual discerner. The individual discerner shall schedule the cohort to meet as
                   often and as many times as needed for discernment of call, but the group shall
                   gather together no fewer than 4 times prior to a calling interview. If a member of the
                   Calling Cohort is unable for any reason to remain an active participant, it shall be up
                   to the individual discerner in consultation with the Calling Cohort to decide whether
                   to replace the individual and if so, by whom. The cohort continues meeting up until
                   the time of credentialing, and beyond, should they so choose. A Calling Cohort may
                   meet in person or via conference call, videoconference or some other means of
                   gathering geographically diverse groups into the same space.

               The particular responsibilities of the Calling Cohort are: (Ministerial Leadership Polity,
               2014, pg. 17.)

                   d. The Calling Cohort:
                         Serves as a spiritual companion to the discerner through the times of calling
                          and ministry training;
                         Meets at least 4 times during the calling process for Bible study, prayer,
                          theological reflection, and discernment;
                         Continues in communication with congregational leadership;

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