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  Is available to be present at the calling interview;
                         Helps to process decisions and possible next steps with the discerner,
                          including the development of a Covenant of Accountability.

               The work of the Calling Cohort continues through both the Discernment and Licensing
               processes and concludes when the candidate becomes either Commissioned or
               Ordained. (Ministerial Leadership Polity, 2014, pg. 18.)

                   d. The Calling Cohort agrees to:
                         Continue meeting with the Licensed Minister at least quarterly for
                          conversations of discernment and prayerful support.

               In order to assist the candidates and the members of their Calling Cohort to have an
               effective and beneficial experience, the following meeting outlines and discussion topics
               are presented.  These subjects will be part of future interviews as the candidate
               proceeds through the calling process.  Participants are welcome to adapt their meetings
               in order to provide the greatest benefit to the candidate but without neglecting these
               guidelines.  The same guidelines will be used for each year in the Licensed Minister
               category so that the repetition of topics over a period of time will naturally provide
               opportunities for the Licensed Minister to demonstrate growth and maturity in ministry.
               Licensed Ministers may or may not be interviewed prior to being re-licensed at the
               discretion of the District Ministry Commission.

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