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Ministry Questions
                   Please describe the events and circumstances surrounding your call to the set-apart
                   In what way have others seen the call of God on your life?
                   In what ways have others encouraged you to pursue your call?
                   What do you see as your ministry now?
                   How do you see your ministry developing in the near future?
                   What do your family members think of your call to the set-apart ministry?
                   What do you consider to be your particular spiritual gift(s)?
                   How are you able to utilize your spiritual gifts in the local church?

               Biblical Knowledge/Application Questions
                   Discerners may utilize these questions as the foundation of their biblical studies
                   during the course of their discernment year.  Candidates for Licensed and
                   Commissioned / Ordained status should be able to provide answers and applications
                   commensurate with their previous study and ministry experience.

                   1.  Define the following terms: inspiration, revelation, illumination, inerrancy,
                       translation, preservation.
                   2.  Discuss the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.
                   3.  Defend your understanding of the source and the authority of the Bible.

                   1.  Define the following terms: omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, holy.
                   2.  Demonstrate and discuss the major attributes of God.
                   3.  Discuss the Trinity.

                   1.  Define the title Lord Jesus Christ.
                   2.  Discuss the deity and humanity of Jesus.
                   3.  Discuss the significance of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

               Holy Spirit
                   1.  Discuss the deity of the Holy Spirit.
                   2.  Define the following terms: baptism, filling, indwelling, sealing, convicting.
                   3.  Discuss the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

                   1.  Discuss the origin of human beings.
                   2.  Discuss the fall of Adam.
                   3.  Discuss the nature of humanity.

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