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capacities in the District and in the Denomination.  Ordination is valid for five years
                   and is renewable.  Ordained ministers are expected to continue in their personal
                   study of God’s Word, to continue the development of their spiritual gifts and skills for
                   ministry service, and to comply with the District’s requirement for continuing
                   education and re-ordination. An Ordained minister is expected to be an example of a
                   faithful servant of God for the wider District and Denomination and to provide
                   wisdom and guidance to Discerners, Licensed, and Commissioned ministers.

                   The interviews with the District Ministry Commission and with the District Board
                   which take place at each step in the process provide opportunities for the candidates
                   to share their own testimony and to openly thank God for His call and leading.  The
                   interview questions also provide opportunities for candidates to demonstrate their
                   knowledge of God’s Word and their ability to apply His Word to the practical aspects
                   of everyday life.  Furthermore, each interview is an opportunity to receive
                   encouragement, counsel, and affirmation from others who have been involved in
                   ministry for many years.

                   At the conclusion of each interview candidates will receive feedback from the District
                   Ministry Commission and District Board.  Candidates will either be approved for the
                   appropriate position (Discerner, Licensed Minister, Commissioned Minister,
                   Ordained Minister) or disapproved with a recommendation to seek additional
                   ministry preparation or to seek an alternative vocational direction.

                   The following questions are presented in order to assist candidates in preparing for
                   interviews.  These questions and topics are typical of the types of questions and
                   discussions which set-apart ministers can expect to have with members of their
                   congregations and with people in the general community during the course of their
                   ministry.  Candidates will not be required to answer every question listed below
                   during the interview but thinking through these questions and preparing answers to
                   them now will greatly assist you in your future ministry.  “But sanctify the Lord God in
                   your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a
                   reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;” (1 Peter 3:15).

               Personal Questions
                   Please describe your relationship with God.
                   What events and/or circumstances has God used to draw you to Himself?
                   Please describe your present spiritual disciplines.
                   What lessons are you learning about God and about yourself?
                   Please describe your family relationships.
                   What life experiences have you had which have helped to prepare you for the set-
                   apart ministry?
                   What hobbies or personal interests do you have?
                   What books, authors, music, movies, relationships, etc. have been influential in your

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