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                                   FROM THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN

                                    SOUTHERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT

               process to allow for transition. After the vote, and upon request, the District will hold
               the individuals credentials for approximately one year, independent of congregational
               calling. This is intended to allow time for the individual to discern and transition to
               another congregation or fellowship within the denomination. It is expected that after the
               transition, the new congregation or fellowship may affirm the calling of the credentialed
               individual, allowing them to continue their ministry within the current definition specified
               by the District.

               We recognize each congregation and their decisions are unique and each request will
               be considered individually. We, the District Executive and the District Ministry
               Commission, are available to answer any questions or concerns by any individual or
               congregation concerning these guidelines.

               Dual Ordination Position
               In support, and for practical application, of the best practices provided in the
               “Leadership Team Update in response to the activities of the Covenant Brethren
               Church”  (Leadership Team Update) the Church of the Brethren, Southern
               Pennsylvania District (District) developed the following procedure. This procedure, as
               deemed necessary, will be followed when dealing with competitive recruitment, dual
               membership, and dual ordination by any denomination or church body.
               The Leadership Team Update cites two specific polities, "Ethics in Ministry Relations”
               and “Congregational Ethics Polity." Both consider “proselytizing by Church of the
               Brethren district, congregational and pastoral leadership to be unethical.”
               In this context inviting or urging current Church of the Brethren congregations, members
               or leadership to join another denomination is deemed unethical.
                We, the District join the Leadership Team in promoting the following:
                   1)  We express our strong support for district and congregational leaders and
                       members who remain loyal to the Church of the Brethren.
                   2)  We encourage those who are unsure about remaining loyal to go directly to their
                       district executives, and, if necessary, to denominational leadership, with any
                       questions or concerns that are prompting them to consider leaving the
                   3)  We offer guidance about ways to manage issues related to those who choose to

                     In addition to these items of support and guidance we adopt the following best
                    practices, as provided in the Leadership Team Update, for dealing with the above
                    cited concerns of proselytizing, church membership and church leadership’s
                    involvement in individual, congregational and district withdrawal from an individual
                    congregation or the District.

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