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                                   FROM THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN

                                    SOUTHERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT

                                  issue, but remains in           support and in fellowship with the district
                                  and Annual Conference;
                               2.  a  call  to  prayer for all  congregations  within the district  seeking the
                                  guidance of                 the Holy Spirit regarding the issue, and seeking a spiritual
                                  anointing that would express love, tolerance and patience (Col. 3:12)
                                  rather than judgment               and avoidance.

                       Each district is encouraged to put in place framework for processing a
                       congregational disagreement with an Annual Conference action, in keeping with
                       these suggestions. The process should be flexible enough to allow for the wide
                       variations of each case, yet                 specific enough that it has accountability and
                       direction. Each district should establish such a process prior to the recognition
                       of the need for said process. The goal of the district response process should
                       be to help the congregation move to an understanding of the Annual
                       Conference action and willingness to support the action, or at least a willingness
                       to refrain from taking any action that would be interpreted as being defiant or
                       insubordinate. If this goal is unattainable and there is a lack of reconciliation, an
                       acknowledgment should be made that the congregation continues supporting
                       the larger church in other aspects of its life while disagreeing with Annual
                       Conference in the particular matter. It is expected that reconciliation attempts
                       will continue.

                       Finally, within our current polity Standing Committee continues to serve as the
                       appeals body. Any decision that is made by a district board or a district
                       conference can be appealed to the Standing Committee, and the congregation
                       in disagreement retains that                right. The decision of Standing Committee is final.

               “If a congregation is disorganized by the district pursuant to the powers granted in
               chapter 3 (II.E. “Disorganizing Congregations”) and chapter 4 (I.C.16.d. “Disorganizing
               Congregations”) of this manual, or if it attempts by either majority or unanimous vote to
               withdraw from the Church of the Brethren district in which it is located or otherwise
               ceases to exist or function as a congregation of the Church of the Brethren, any
               property that it may have shall be within the control of the district board and may be
               held for the designated purposes or sold or disposed of in such a manner as the
               district board, in its sole discretion, may direct.  When assuming responsibility for the
               control of disorganizing or               withdrawing congregations, the district board shall give aid
               and counsel to the congregation.”

               2       2016 Manual of Organization and Polity, Chapter 6, Property Holdings and Financial
               Resources, I, D, 3, pg. 2. This portion establishes Denominational control of property and
               restricts the use of that  property for Denominational purposes.

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