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                                   FROM THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN

                                    SOUTHERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT

              B.  The Reconciliation Committee will listen to the congregation's grievances, offer
                   suggestions for resolution, and explain the process and the consequences of
                   withdrawing from the Church of the Brethren Southern Pennsylvania District.
                   Specifically, the Reconciliation Committee shall explain that upon a vote to
                   disassociate  from the District and the Church of the Brethren, the District shall own
                   the Congregation’s assets subject to the District Board’s election to relinquish
                   ownership if the Congregation complies with Section D hereof.  If the issues remain
                   unresolved with the congregational leadership, the Reconciliation Committee
                   should meet with the full congregation after the Reconciliation Committee's
                   determination that a reconciliation is      not possible. The Reconciliation Committee, in
                   cooperation with the congregation's leadership, should schedule a vote on
                   withdrawal by the congregation. At or near the close of this meeting the
                   Reconciliation Committee shall indicate that individual members wishing to discuss

                   the matter of withdrawal any further are welcome to contact the District Executive.

              C.  The Reconciliation Committee, in cooperation with the congregation’s leadership,
                   shall                   conduct the vote of the congregation concerning its withdrawal from the
                   Church of the Brethren. The congregation shall provide a copy of its most recent
                   active membership list to the Reconciliation Committee. The Reconciliation
                   Committee shall individually issue ballots only to those whose names are included
                   on the most recent official membership list. The Reconciliation Committee shall
                   provide printed ballots as illustrated:

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