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members wishing to discuss the matter of withdrawal any further are welcome to
                   contact the District Executive.

               C.  The Reconciliation Committee, in cooperation with the congregation’s leadership, shall
                   conduct the vote of the congregation concerning its withdrawal from the Church of the
                   Brethren. The congregation shall provide a copy of its most recent active membership
                   list to the Reconciliation Committee.  The Reconciliation Committee shall individually
                   issue ballots only to those whose names are included on the most recent official
                   membership list.  The Reconciliation Committee shall provide printed ballots as
                   illustrated below.
                       1.  No absentee ballots are permitted.

                       2.  Votes will be counted by the Reconciliation Committee along with the local
                          Moderator/Board Chair and two other individuals appointed by the local

                       3.  A vote to withdraw will be successful if two-thirds of the total number of votes
                          cast are in the affirmative.

                       4.  A vote which does not attain the necessary two-thirds majority will result in the
                          congregation remaining with the COB.  The Reconciliation Committee will offer to
                          continue working with the leadership/congregation to achieve reconciliation and a
                          healthy working relationship.

                       5.  Any individual members of the withdrawing congregation who wish to remain in
                          fellowship with the Southern Pennsylvania Church of the Brethren will be
                          encouraged to do so and will be offered support from the District.  Details of such
                          support will be determined by the District Board on a case by case basis.

                                         BALLOT CONCERNING WITHDRAWAL
                                                     (CHURCH NAME)
                                  Circle YES to withdraw from the Church of the Brethren

                                  Circle NO to remain with the Church of the Brethren

                                           YES                                NO

                                          Signature and printed name of person casting ballot

                                     Prepared by the Southern Pennsylvania District

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