Page 7 - Withdrawal of Churches 2022-0514
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                                   FROM THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN

                                    SOUTHERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT

                   1.  No absentee ballots are permitted.

                   2.  Votes will be counted by the Reconciliation Committee along with the local
                   Moderator/Board Chair and two other individuals appointed by the local

                   3.  A vote to withdraw will be successful if two-thirds of the total number of votes
                   cast are in the affirmative.

                   4.  A vote which does not attain the necessary two-thirds majority will result in the
                   congregation remaining with the COB. The Reconciliation Committee will offer to
                   continue working with the leadership/congregation to achieve reconciliation and a
                   healthy working relationship.

                   5.  Any individual members of the withdrawing congregation who wish to remain in
                   fellowship with the Southern Pennsylvania Church of the Brethren will be
                   encouraged to do so and will be offered support from the District. Details of such
                   support will be determined by the District Board on a case by case basis.

           D.  Disposition of Property
              According to both Denominational and District Polity, all congregational property is held
              in trust with the District and, accordingly, will be the property of the District immediately
              after the vote, if the Congregational vote is to disassociate from the District and the
              Church of the Brethren. In the event the District Board votes at its next regularly
              scheduled meeting to relinquish ownership of the disassociating Congregation’s former
              property, the Congregation must pay two (2) times the current District Financial
              Ministries Allocation to the District for use by the District at its discretion.
               In addition, the disassociating Congregation shall pay all legal fees, the
               Congregation’s and the District’s, incurred during the withdrawal process.

           E. Ministerial Credentials
               Upon a successful vote to withdraw, all credentials for all ministers are immediately
               terminated with the Church of the Brethren and the Southern Pennsylvania District. No
               person may continue to perform weddings under the authority of the Church of the
               Brethren or the Southern Pennsylvania District. Accountability and liability for other
               ministerial functions such as marriage, personal, or family counseling, ministerial
               ethics,  etc. shall no longer be under the authority of the Church of the Brethren or the
               Southern Pennsylvania District but shall be the sole responsibility of the individual
               and/or of whatever subsequent denomination with which they may associate.

               However, upon a successful vote to withdraw, if a credentialed individual, Licensed,
               Ordained or Retired, as a member of that congregation votes “No,” a vote to not leave
               the denomination, the District, upon request by the individual, will offer the following

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