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D.  Disposition of Property
                   According to both Denominational and District Polity, all congregational property is held
                   in trust with the District and, accordingly, will be the property of the District immediately
                   after the vote, if the Congregational vote is to disassociate from the District and the
                   Church of the Brethren.  In the event the District Board votes at its next regularly
                   scheduled meeting to relinquish ownership of the disassociating Congregation’s former
                   property, the Congregation must pay two (2) times the current District Financial
                   Ministries Allocation to the District for use by the District at its discretion.

               E.  Ministerial Credentials
                   Upon a successful vote to withdraw, all credentials for all ministers are immediately
                   terminated with the Church of the Brethren and the Southern Pennsylvania District.  No
                   person may continue to perform weddings under the authority of the Church of the
                   Brethren or the Southern Pennsylvania District.  Accountability and liability for other
                   ministerial functions such as marriage, personal, or family counseling, ministerial ethics,
                   etc. shall no longer be under the authority of the Church of the Brethren or the Southern
                   Pennsylvania District but shall be the sole responsibility of the individual and/or of
                   whatever subsequent denomination with which they may associate.

               F.  Additional Issues
                   The withdrawing congregation should consult appropriate legal counsel concerning all
                   matters of reorganization.

                   The withdrawing congregation shall remove all references to the Church of the Brethren
                   and/or the Southern Pennsylvania District from all church signage, electronic media;
                   and printed media.

                   -Adopted by Southern PA District Board, meeting at the Wolgamuth
                   Congregation, January 12, 2019. Terry G Smith, District Board Chair

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