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                                   FROM THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN

                                    SOUTHERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT

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                    Responsibilities of District Leadership
                     District leaders are called to uphold the best interests of the Church of the Brethren
                    as they live out our polity's expectations. Among those are that districts will
                    “administer and coordinate the religious and business activities of the Church of the
                    Brethren within the bounds of the district.”
                     Therefore any district leaders - district board members in particular - who have
                    voted in favor of the withdrawal of their congregation should resign their positions.
                    Subsequently they will be replaced by a member of the district who is loyal to the
                    Church of the Brethren. These actions should occur prior to any further action by
                    the district board or any other leadership group.
                     In addition, a central responsibility of the district board is to provide care for the
                    remnant of a congregation that wishes to remain loyal to the Church of the
                     In the event our district board is itself divided, the denominational Leadership Team
                    may be consulted to work with the district board.
                    When a congregation "by either majority or unanimous vote” makes the decision to
                    withdraw from the Church of the Brethren, it “ceases to exist or function as a
                    congregation of the Church of the Brethren" from the date of the vote. Therefore:
                   1.  The portion that has voted to leave the district/denomination is no longer eligible
                       to be represented by delegates at district or Annual Conference, since it is no
                       longer a Church of the Brethren congregation.
                   2.  The remnant of a withdrawing congregation, "whether a majority or a minority of
                       its membership, which continues in unity with” the Church of the Brethren "shall
                       be recognized as the lawful congregation" and be seated as delegates at a
                       district or Annual Conference."
                   3.  When a remnant does not remain, the district conference shall officially recognize
                       that the congregation has left the Church of the Brethren as of the date the
                       congregation voted to withdraw.

                    Responsibility of Pastors and Congregational Leaders
                    In response to urging and active invitations from competing denominations,
                    occasionally some attempt to live out of two loyalties, aligning with the competing
                    denomination without relinquishing Church of the Brethren credentials and/or
                    membership. A choice must be made between the two denominations. Those who
                    choose another denomination must resign promptly from membership and any
                    leadership roles they may hold in the Church of the Brethren, Southern
                    Pennsylvania District.
                    Pastors identifying with a withdrawing congregation should immediately notify their
                    district ministry commission.
                    We continue to believe that the way ahead is through conversations that seek to
                    discern God's purposes through the study of scripture and prayer, yearning for the

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