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1                     4.  Issued Statement of Solidarity with Tree of Life and Statement on
           2                         Separation of Families at the Border.
           3                     5.  Advocating for Red Flag laws that aim to reduce access to guns by
           4                         domestic abusers.
           5                     6.  Board of Directors adopted a Resolution on Gun Violence.
           6                     7.  Advocating fairer state funding for education sites.
           7                     8.  Addressing concerns related to solitary confinement and how it affects
           8                         incarcerated persons.
           9                     9.  Healing Communities training equips congregations to be welcoming to
          10                         formerly incarcerated persons and minister to their families and their
          11                         victims.
          12                    10.  Other activities include work among migrant workers and refugees,
          13                         working for fairer congressional and legislative representation based on
          14                         accurate population census counts, care for highway travelers/drivers, and
          15                         State Park ministry sites staffed and trained.
          16                    11.  Question raised about whether PACOC has discussed how churches might
          17                         address growing drug abuse problem. Sandy Strauss will take it to the
          18                         board for discussion.
          19              B. Report accepted.
          20       XXIII. BRETHREN VOLUNTEER SERVICE REPORT (pp. 47-48)
          21              A. Presented by Emily Tyler, Director of BVS.
          22                     1.  Emily is from McPherson, KS, the daughter of McPherson College
          23                         teachers and herself a professional educator and former BVS worker. She
          24                         has worked on BVS staff seven years recruiting volunteers.
          25                     2.  BVS began over 70 years ago, driven by a group of young adults in 1948,
          26                         set the pattern for other volunteer agencies that followed (such as the
          27                         Peace Corps). Volunteer opportunities exist for anyone 18 and older for
          28                         one or more years required. Placements include food banks, homeless
          29                         shelters, farms, Capitol Hill, and more opportunities, both foreign and
          30                         domestic.
          31                     3.  Since Emily stepped into the director position, BVS has moved their office
          32                         to the front of the Elgin offices, hired a new volunteer coordinator,
          33                         implemented a Fast Track orientation attempting to shorten orientation
          34                         length; it was determined that the new idea would not be sustainable.
          35                     4.  Work Camps and BVS have been treated as two separate entities; Emily is
          36                         working at creating a more interconnected framework, treating Work
          37                         Camps as “short-term” BVS opportunities.
          38                     5.  Recruitment initiatives increasing. Rebranding BVS to overcome the
          39                         stigma that service is for people who do not know what else to do at the
          40                         moment; instead, treat it as a way to prepare for the next step, increasing
          41                         personal effectiveness over a lifetime. Working to increase awareness
          42                         among churches to know that BVS and Work Camps exist, and to increase
          43                         opportunities for people to participate in these programs.
          44              B. Report accepted.
          46              A. 2020 Budget accepted.
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