Page 16 - 2020 Conference Booklet
P. 16

1              B. Founded in 1908, TBH now has 330 acres of developed land, 500+ villagers in
           2                  the residential community; services include memory care and adult day care.
           3              C.  President Jeff Evans presented report.
           4                     1.  Village residents have requested more common spaces. In 2020, there will
           5                         be three additions to the Harmony Ridge Center, including an expansion
           6                         of dining facilities, an expansion of the wellness center, and a space for
           7                         cultural arts.
           8                     2.  Funding for the project will come from current resident increases,
           9                         foundation funds, and a capital campaign.
          10              D. Vice President of Advancement Vanessa Berger reported.
          11                     1.  TBH has been recognized by Dementia Friendly America.
          12                     2.  TBH hosts Early Stage Support Group twice yearly.
          13              E.  Chief Financial Officer Scott Sauers presented financial report.
          14              F.  Reports and Minutes
          15                     1.  2018 Minutes approved.
          16                     2.  Brett Hoffacker approved for board service by affirmation.
          17                     3.  2019 Financial Records approved.
          18              G. Meeting adjourned at 11:18am.
          19       IX.    CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY (pp. 70-79)
          20              A. President Rhonda Horst called the meeting to order at 11:19am with prayer.
          21              B. CAS has no nominees to present for approval. They are accepting nominations
          22                  that will be approved at the board level and confirmed by District Board.
          23              C.  Annual Dinner at Gettysburg Church, 5:30pm November 9.
          24              D. Executive Director Eric Chase presented.
          25                     1.  Shared Vision, Mission and Core Values.
          26                     2.  Reported on activities at all facilities.
          27                     3.  Reported on several staff transitions and promotions.
          28                     4.  New Programs “York C.A.R.E.S.,” The Incredible Years Program, and
          29                         Art Therapy provided to expectant mothers through York City Health
          30                         Bureau.
          31                     5.  Seeking space to move the Lehman Center, which has outgrown its space;
          32                         GOD’s Closet renovation nearing completion, expanding legacy and
          33                         endowment giving through Melvin Jacobs Society program, named for
          34                         first board chair in 1913.
          35                     6.  CAS is asks for opportunities to visit churches, for prayers, for volunteers,
          36                         for churches to promote CAS ministries and activities, and for financial
          37                         support.
          38                     7.  2019 Samaritan Award Recipients include Buffalo Valley Church,
          39                         Hanover Church, Ridge Church, and York Madison Avenue Church.
          40              E.  Reports accepted. Meeting adjourned at 11:35am.
          41       X.     BRETHREN DISASTER RELIEF AUCTION, INC. (p. 63)
          42              A. Tom Fritz, Chair of Brethren Disaster Relief Auction presented.
          43              B. 2019 Brethren Disaster Relief Auction will be held at Lebanon Valley Expo
          44                  Center on September 27-28, 2019, with volunteer help requested for setup on
          45                  September 26 and throughout the auction event itself.

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