Page 15 - 2020 Conference Booklet
P. 15

1                  follow Annual Conference polity, policy and procedures, and work at the ministry
           2                  of reconciliation.
           3              E.  Report received with gratitude as presented.
           4       VI.    DISTRICT CONFERENCE BALLOT (p. 22)
           5              A. Presented by the Moderator-Elect who serves as Chair of the Nominating
           6                  Committee.
           7                     1.  Several spaces on the ballot are blank. There is time to nominate people
           8                         before the vote on Saturday.
           9                     2.  Camp Eder and Children’s Aid Society bring their own nominees for
          10                         affirmation.
          11                     3.  Eli Mast affirmed women in the district and called for the conference to
          12                         consider female candidates for various roles. Nominating Committee had
          13                         many female nominees who, when contacted, responded with a “no” or
          14                         “not yet.” John Hess encouraged women to accept roles for which they are
          15                         nominated.
          16                     4.  Question raised about how vacancies get filled from zones that have no
          17                         nominees. Precedent is to ask nominees from zones that have a lot of
          18                         candidates to fill roles from zones that have none. District Board will
          19                         consider this an option, if no additional nominees are presented during this
          20                         conference.
          21              B. No nominations were made from the floor. Ballot approved as presented.
          22       VII.  CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN AGENCY REPORT (pp. 42-46)
          23              A. Presented by Nevin Dulabaum, President of Brethren Benefit Trust.
          24              B. Brethren Benefit Trust reported that:
          25                     1.  Seven new index funds have been added
          26                     2.  Attended Puerto Rico District Conference for the first time this year (PR is
          27                         the newest district in the denomination)
          28                     3.  Incentivizing wellness as part of the medical coverage to lower premiums
          29                         and increase healthfulness among plan participants
          30                     4.  A new bookkeeping service has been hired to streamline the process and
          31                         increase communication with plan participants
          32                     5.  Question raised about how BBT is working with withdrawing
          33                         congregations. BBT has not been affected by the withdrawals, as those
          34                         congregations were not using their services.
          35                     6.  Question raised about the change of bookkeeping service. BBT was doing
          36                         their own record keeping five years ago. Empower Financial went through
          37                         a merger after we had selected them and their model is not equipped to
          38                         handle our unique approach, so BBT has moved to a smaller company
          39                         called Northwest Planning Services. By the end of next quarter, account
          40                         balances will be fully transferred and accurately updated.
          41                     7.  Representatives of Church of the Brethren, Inc. and other agencies are
          42                         present at the conference.
          43              C.  Report accepted with gratitude.
          44       VIII.  THE BRETHREN HOME BOARD MEETING (PP. 83-87)
          45              A. Called to Order at 10:55am by Chair Traci Rabenstein. Prayer led by Rev. Linda
          46                  Titzell.
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