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           2                                 2019 District Conference Minutes

           3                                       September 20-21, 2019
           4   The 126  District Conference of the Southern District of Pennsylvania Church of the Brethren
           5   was called into session by Moderator Harold Yeager on Friday, September 20, at the
           6   Chambersburg Church of the Brethren in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

           7   The conference theme chosen by Moderator Yeager is “Looking Unto Jesus” based on Hebrews
           8   12:2.

           9   Assisting in conference leadership: Harold Yeager, Moderator; John Hess, Moderator-Elect,
          10   John Rotz, Time Keeper; Leah J. Hileman, Conference Clerk.

          13              A. Jerry Moore of Chambersburg Church welcomed attendees on behalf of the host
          14                  church.
          15              B. Delegates must register both days upon arrival.
          16              C.  Introduction of conference officers.
          17              D. Carter Brindle, a student and member of Chambersburg Church, designed the
          18                  conference theme art.
          19              E.  Devotional thought from the moderator: The Holy Spirit moving through the
          20                  “Eder Eight” extended far beyond themselves. The New Testament is our creed,
          21                  we pursue holy living as a daily practice, we are committed to peace and service.
          22                  What they started still lives in us. Though turmoil has affected the church over the
          23                  years, and storm clouds hang over us now, we hear the words of Jesus, “I have
          24                  come to seek and save those that are lost.” Our theme verse, Hebrews 12:2, calls
          25                  us to lay aside entanglements and sin to persevere in our race. It calls us to keep
          26                  the main thing “the Main Thing,” and fix our focus unwaveringly onto Jesus as
          27                  we continue our pursuit of faith and faithfulness.
          28       II.    CONSECRATION OF THE DELEGATES (p. 9)
          29       III.   APPROVAL OF 2018 MINUTES (pp. 16-19)
          30       IV.    APPROVAL OF AGENDA AS AMENDED (pp. 6-7)
          31              A. Adding a visit from Moderator Paul Mundey at the noon hour.
          32              B. Query being inserted at 3:55pm in place of District Board and Standing
          33                  Committee Verbal Reports.
          34              C.  Agenda approved as amended.
          35       V.     DISTRICT EXECUTIVE REPORT
          36              A. District Executive Minister Bill Waugh
          37              B. Newly licensed ministers Ali Toms (Chambersburg) and Seth Grebbien (Lake
          38                  View).
          39              C.  Lack of qualified pastoral candidates circulating profiles have led to a new way of
          40                  raising up local leadership, taking the form of “permanent pulpit supply” by
          41                  discerners in the process of discerning their own calls to ministry.
          42              D. Three congregations have left the Church of the Brethren: Pleasant View, Pleasant
          43                  Hill, and Upton. Admonished ministers and leaders to maintain good ethics,
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