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1                     1.  This year’s auction will include new activities geared toward younger
           2                         attendees, and the menu will include new healthy and fun-food options.
           3                     2.  Board representation from Atlantic Northeast and Southern PA district has
           4                         been affected by congregational withdrawal in both places. Bylaws require
           5                         1/3 of board to be from each district plus 1/3 at-large members.
           6                     3.  Appeal for district members to step into individual committee roles to help
           7                         facilitate the auction in the future. The heifer auction will continue, but the
           8                         auction recognizes that earnings are down because of how government
           9                         policies are adversely affecting the dairy industry. Volunteers and quilt
          10                         donors may register online at
          11              C.  Report accepted.
          12       XI.    TESTIMONY #1 Sari Holt, Teacher from Shippensburg Church.
          14              A. Paul Mundey, Moderator of Church of the Brethren 2020 Annual Conference.
          15              B. Galatians 2:20 anchors our beloved denomination for our future.
          16              C.  Aware of the “rumble” in the church; calls us to God’s reality that Jesus Christ is
          17                  above the “rumble.” The reality of a biblical hope in Christ compels Paul Mundey
          18                  to believe that the best years of the Church of the Brethren are ahead of us.
          19                  Identified a parallel between Tony Bennett (93 years old) singing “The Best Is
          20                  Yet to Come” and the denomination that, like him, has gone through wayward
          21                  times, challenges, and heresies but is still called to “keep on keeping on” as we
          22                  run toward Christ with abandon.
          23              D. 2020 Annual Conference will be held at DeVos Convention Center in Grand
          24                  Rapids, MI, July 1-5.
          25       XIII.  BUSINESS ITEM #2 – DISTRICT 2018 FINANCIAL REPORT (pp. 88-95)
          26              A. Presented by H. Roger Miller. Identified the financial impact of withdrawing
          27                  congregations.
          28              B. Report accepted.
          29       XIV.  BUSINESS ITEM #3 – DISTRICT AUDITOR’S REPORT (pp. 98-118)
          30              A. Presented by Ed Straley, who clarified the difference between audits and financial
          31                  reviews. Boyer & Ritter perform Financial Reviews for Southern PA District.
          32              B. Report accepted.
          34              AND DISTRICT FINANCIAL MINISTRIES ALLOCATION (pp. 119-122)
          35              A. Stewards are presenting a 2020 budget that reduces budget by $48,841.21 from
          36                  2019.
          37              B. Remarked on how all District Mission Agencies failed to receive all budgeted
          38                  amounts in 2019 because only 88% of proposed funds were given to the district
          39                  for distribution in 2018. Churches are encouraged to consider increasing
          40                  individual support for DMA’s to compensate for district level changes and
          41                  shortfalls.
          42       XVI.  TESTIMONY #2 – Ron Bell, Northern District.
          43       XVII.  REPORT OF CAMP EDER (pp.68-69)
          44              A. Executive Director Bryan Smith reported:

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