Page 54 - 2020 Conference Booklet
P. 54

           2                           Report to the 2020 District Conference

           4       We have been meeting at District Board meetings and holding conference calls despite the
           5   challenges of the COVID-19 virus. We continue to support Lake View as they struggle with their
           6   rental facility being closed due to COVid-19. They have used increased communications to keep
           7   everything together. They have a Wednesday message and a Sunday Service on their social
           8   media and via their email list. They also have a weekly prayer chain. They have been in regular
           9   communication with their members, including some limited visits. God is still working wonders
          10   at Lake View according to Pastor Seth Grebbien.

          11       Wolgamuth asked for help with a Spiritual Renewal effort and we granted their request back
          12   in the winter. I know they had one meeting, but COVID-19 has really interfered with plans. Any
          13   other Churches that need assistance through these troubling times should let us know and we will
          14   see what we can do to help.


          16                                                      In The Service of Christ,
          17                                                      Pastor Wayne Hall, Chairman
          18                                                      Courtland Howard, Vice-Chairperson
          19                                                      Eric Reamer, Scribe
          20                                                      Westly Gingrich
          21                                                      Ed Robbins

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