Page 55 - 2020 Conference Booklet
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1                             DISTRICT WITNESS COMMISSION
           2                         Report to the 2020 District Conference
           5   Looking past our current situation that has limited out ability to meet your Witness Commission
           6   started the year with great zeal for the possibilities that could happen in the final months of 2019
           7   and into 2020. Following are highlights of the work we completed together.
           9   We reviewed and approved seven Disaster Relief Grant requests for a total of $7,775.95 in
          10   support travel and expenses for groups that were planning to go and help rebuild housing
          11   damaged by major storms. Since these trips were planned to take place prior to March 2020 the
          12   work was able to take place prior to the pandemic that closed these opportunities to witness to
          13   serve others.
          15   On January 28, 2020 we received a new grant from Brethren Disaster Relief Auction for
          16   $10,000.00 to continue supporting church disaster relief trips when they are able to resume.
          18   Chris Elliott attended the first Meat Canning Committee meeting to represent your District
          19   Witness Commission. Plans were made to proceed with fewer days of canning this year.
          20   Brochures and information were prepared and sent to the churches by the committee. As the end
          21   of March approached is became necessary to cancel Meat Canning for 2020. Please keep support
          22   for this work in your church budgets for 2020 and 2021. Most of all continue to pray that this
          23   vital work can restart again in 2021.
          25   Plans were begun for an Insight Session for District Conference. Our hope was to have Brethren
          26   Disaster Ministries present an update on the work taking place. Then is became necessary to
          27   change Conference to a one-day event. This would not leave enough time for insight sessions.
          29   Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our Lord and Savior Jesus.
          31                                                      Respectfully submitted,
          33                                                      Ken Kaucher, Chairperson
          34                                                      Chris Elliott, Vice-Chairperson
          35                                                      Larry Kendle, Scribe
          36                                                      Earl Eby
          37                                                      Richard Rishel

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