Page 53 - 2020 Conference Booklet
P. 53

1                          DISTRICT MINISTRY COMMISSION
           2                           Report to the 2020 District Conference
           4   The District Ministry Commission is charged with providing oversight for the examination and
           5   credentialing of candidates for the Set-Apart Ministry. This includes interviews and
           6   examinations for the Discerner, Licensed Minister, and Commissioned/Ordained Minister
           7   categories. The DMC also oversees the maintenance of continuing education records and the
           8   granting of Continuing Education Units for educational events sponsored within this District.
           9   The DMC has been active over the past conference year, although its activity has been hampered
          10   somewhat due to the unusual circumstances which have prevailed in our world since March.
          12   The commission met in September, October, and November of 2019 and in January, February,
          13   and May of 2020.  The work of the commission included:
          14       •  Approval for Discerner status: Andrew Paterno (Waynesboro COB)
          15       •  Approval for Licensure status: William Hall (Dry Run COB), Devin Fink (Dry Run
          16           COB)
          17       •  Approval for Ordination status: Jason Metzler (Upper Conewago COB)
          18       •  Reviewing the status of churches which are in the process of withdrawal from the
          19           denomination. Licensed ministers and Commissioned/Ordained ministers will lose
          20           recognition as credentialed minister in the Church of the Brethren immediately upon the
          21           withdrawal of their congregations.
          22       •  Collaboration in the development of the Calling the Called program for use in this district
          23           and others. That program has been postponed until Spring 2021.
          24       •  Development of policies for the Ministry Formation program in which all Licensed
          25           Ministers are required to participate.
          26       •  Development of a District-wide Church Visitation Program for the purpose of
          27           acquainting congregations with District activities and resources, and to provide
          28           opportunities for congregations to connect directly with District Board Members over any
          29           questions or ideas which the congregations may have. This project has been delayed and
          30           will be renewed as soon as possible.
          32   Please continue to pray for the District Ministry Commission and for the Lord to raise up
          33   additional individuals within our congregations for the work of the Set-Apart Ministry.
          35                                               Gerry Godfrey, Chair
          36                                               Tom Lauer, Vice-chair
          37                                               Jesse Miles
          38                                               Eli Mast
          39                                               Roger Myers, Scribe
          40                                               Rev. Dr. William Waugh, DE, ex officio

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