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The following terms reflect the culture of the Church of the Brethren, a denomination grounded on the principles of Anabaptism and founded through the Pietist efforts of Alexander Mack, in the summer of 1708 near the small German village of Schwarzenau. This resource is not an exhaustive compilation of all denominational terminology, which might also be garnered from other Brethren works, such as the Brethren Encyclopedia, Brethren Bibliography, European Origins, Brethren in America, Ephrata Cloister, 19th Century Acculturation, Brethren Timeline, Brethren Groups, and Brethren Genealogy. You are encouraged to share your comments, suggestions, or corrections with the Web Administrator.

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National Older Adult Conference (NOAC)

A biennial gathering for people over the age of 50, which is sponsored by the Older Adult Ministry. NOAC is an opportunity for spiritual renewal for senior adults through events which include worship services, fellowship gatherings, resource fair, handcrafts, recreation, outdoor music celebrations, ice cream socials, and plenty of free time to enjoy local scenery.

National Youth Conference (NYC)

An assembly of generally high-school age youth which is held every four years. It is sponsored by the Youth & Young Adult Ministry of the Mission and Ministry Board. The first conference was held in 1954 at Anderson, Indiana, and the first website homepage was developed for the 1998 conference at Fort Collins, Colorado. Attendance is generally around four to five thousand youth and adult counselors.

Year Location Conference Theme
1954 Anderson, Indiana ““For the Glory of God and My Neighbor's Good””
1958 Lake Junaluska, North Carolina ““Our Faith Tremendous””
1962 Estes Park, Colorado ““Temper My Spirit, O Lord””
1966 Ithaca, New York ““You in the World””
1971 Vaporise, Indiana ““Courage to be...Brethren?””
1974 Glorieta, New Mexico ““Everybody Is a Part of Everything””
1978 Estes Park, Colorado ““Out of the Mountain, Power to Fly””
1982 Estes Park, Colorado ““ love, to care, to share””
1986 Estes Park, Colorado ““Vision from the Mountain””
1990 Fort Collins, Colorado ““Challenged in the '90s...Committed for Life!””
1994 Fort Collins, Colorado ““Come to the Edge, Claim the Call””
1998 Fort Collins, Colorado ““With Eyes of Faith””
2002 Fort Collins, Colorado ““For Such A Time As This””
2006 Fort Collins, Colorado ““Come and See”
2010 Fort Collins, Colorado ““More than Meets the Eye”
2014 Fort Collins, Colorado ““Called By Christ. Blessed for the journey.””
New Life Ministries

Formerly called the Andrew Center until 1997, New Life Ministries continues the same mission to multiply the number of persons turning to Jesus Christ, by multiplying the number of leaders and congregations spiritually alive and evangelistically effective. New Beginnings is the official journal which is published four times a year and distributed without charge to individuals and congregations who are members.

New Windsor Conference Center

The New Windsor Conference Center was officially closed on June 4, 2012 - not the entire Brethren Service Center complex. Primarily due to financial losses over the previous years, the Conference Center showed a negative balance of assets amounting to over $600,000 by August 31, 2011, which was deemed unsustainable. Other ministries such as Brethren Disaster Ministries continue to operate.


UseNet is a world-wide distributed e-mail discussion system which carries the Brethren newsgroup alt.religion.christian.anabaptist.brethren.This one was started by Wayne Sutton of Miami First COB. UseNet consists of a set of 'newsgroups' with names that are classified hierarchically by subject. Articles or messages are posted to these newsgroups by people on computers with the appropriate software, and then broadcast to other interconnected computers systems via a wide variety of networks. Some newsgroups are moderated, which means that before articles are posted, they are first evaluated by a moderator before appearing in the group. Because the Inter-Brethren newsgroup is in the ‘alt’ branch of the Usenet hierarchy, it is unmoderated which means that posts go directly to the newsgroup without being first reviewed by a moderator who must give approval for messages.

The biggest advantage of a Usenet newsgroup over a list server is that the newsgroup is a virtually free resource, and especially true of unmoderated groups. In other words, you're not required to join. You can jump in and out of newsgroups as you please. Also, because Usenet is arranged in a logical hierarchy, a newsgroup has much more visibility than a list server. Religious seekers who may never have heard of the Brethren or of Anabaptism are able to stumble across the group because it is found under the 'alt.religion' branch of the hierarchy -- a branch that religious seekers are likely to explore.


NEWSLINE is the online newsletter of the Church of the Brethren, provided by the News Services department, to deliver the latest news concerning the districts, congregations, agencies, camps, individual members, and related organizations.

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