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Page 30                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

              Barb Lehigh, from the Upper Conewago congregation,
                                   continues to operate a small
                    Daniel         Christian bookstore, Daniel Lehigh’s
                                   Bookstore. She is offering discounts
                                   to individuals, churches and pastors
              and will special order the books or curriculum that you
              need.  The store also features boxed cards and children’s
              books.  Stop by to check it out.
                          The store is located at her home,
                    3206 Lake Meade Road, East Berlin, PA 17316
              She does not currently have set hours of operation but if
              she’s home (and it’s not Sunday) she’s open.

                                  Opportunity for free books and curriculum

                                    Ken Wenger has the following books and curriculum

                                                       to give away:
                    In His Hand, In His Spirit and In Christ Jesus, senior high curriculum developed by COB in 1964.

                              Each segment has 4 parts with a student and teacher’s guide for each part.
                                                  This is a total of 24 books.
                      Also, I have the 4 year, 2 semesters for each year, Quester’s Bible Series curriculum published
                                   by Brethren Press in 1976 authored by Aaron G. Breidenstine.

                           William Barclay 16 volume translation and interpretation of the New Testament.
                           One volume Mark is missing. Also, Barclay’s New Testament Words one volume.
                            The 12 volume Interpreter’s Bible (1952) volume 9 Acts and Romans is missing.

                          4 volume Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible along with a one volume supplement
                   Numerous books by Don Durnbaugh and Dale Brown as well as some others by Brethren Authors.
                     He may have some other books, but this is the bulk of it. Ken’s phone number is 717-637-1071.
                                     If you are interested, you can contact him at that number.
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