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Page 30                                                               Southern Pennsylvania District

                         Laptops for Missions

                  Did you recently upgrade to a new laptop
          computer?  Do you have an unused one lying around
          with power supply?  Dayton Unger of the
          Shippensburg congregation will refurbish and update
          older computers for use by missionaries, seminary
          students and pastors.  Windows 7 or newer is
          preferred.  You may contact him at 717 385 6271
          (leave a message) or  Your
          old laptop may find a new life in Latin America or

                                                Barb Lehigh, from the Upper Conewago congregation,
                     Daniel Lehigh’s            continues to operate a small Christian bookstore, Daniel

                          Bookstore             Lehigh’s Bookstore.

            She is offering discounts to individuals, churches and pastors and will special order the
            books or curriculum that you need.

            The store also features boxed cards and children’s books.  Stop by to check it out.

                                           The store is located at her home,
                                    3206 Lake Meade Road, East Berlin, PA 17316

            She does not currently have set hours of operation but if she’s home (and it’s not
            Sunday) she’s open.

                    Please contact Barb at 717-292-4362 to place an order or schedule a visit.

                                           It’s best to call ahead.  Thank you!
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